STRONG Life Ep. 76: Strongman Training, Powerlifting & Prison Style Workouts with Josh Bryant



STRONG Life Podcast Episode 76 has been a long time in the making......

Josh Bryant and I discuss his evolution and experiences in the world of strength, muscle building and overall human performance.

From his teen years of benching over 500 lbs RAW to his experiences in training "regular people" to pro athletes, pro bodybuilders, strongmen and powerlifting competitors we cover a wide array of topics in this episode.

Here's just SOME of the topics we discuss during this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast (Episode 76):

- Avoiding Injuries / Rehabbing After Injuries

- The mentality and mindset needed to break records and continue to get stronger and improve your overall performance

- Why Josh transitioned to doing more "prison style" workouts for his upper body training vs powerlifting style workouts

- How does Josh train in his garage gym

- What was the inspiration behind Josh's creation of "Jail House Strong"?

- Nutrition Tips for Gaining Size or Getting Lean

- The Books Josh is currently reading

- How to keep training hard, grow your business and spend quality time with family even as a busy man.

We also discuss program design methods such as the conjugate method and linear periodization and why Josh chooses 1 method over another.

This STRONG Life podcast was a long time in the making and I'm psyched I finally hopped on skype with Josh.


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