Episode 19 – Take a trip back in time


This is the beginning of the tour....

sit tight, because there is more to come...

I wanna hear your thoughts on this gym...is it heaven or hell, could be both for a strength fanatic like myself 🙂

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

14 Responses

  1. Zach:

    This gym is so sweet I had to watch the video a couple times.

    1. The set-up with the stretch bands on the platform.

    2. The Atlas stones in the pisser.

    3. The antique reverse hyper.

    3. The tons and tons of iron.

    Sick, sick, sick….

    Keep em coming Zach!

  2. Z,

    This place is crazy. That is the type of place every town needs. You hit the nail on the head when you said if you go in there you would crush people. I wish the masses could see what can be done without all the fancy equipment!

    Keep it coming!

  3. Zach,

    That is one intense dude! Great example of how to improvise and aquire useful apparatus that get the job done. Already has me rethinking my setup.

    Can’t wait to see part two.

  4. Nii Wilson says:

    What’s up Zach this is definitely heaven. I’m just glad you didn’t head but the camera so we can see the kick ass gym…lol

    But seriously I’m glad you find and let people know about places like this. This is a GYM and if there were more GYMS instead of health clubs or fitness centers people would actually get results.


  5. love the old wore out old school “gym”..but rutgers…come on..it’s hard to look “bad” in a rutgers t-shirt…

  6. Even if you ditched all that equipment – the attitude in that place would get the job done.

    Kill it, brotha!

  7. Dude,

    That gym is awesome. There is nothing like that in my area, at least that I have found.

    Great videos, but you are the worst camera man ever! Zoom out a little and at least try to hold the camera a little steady. The content is there just think about what you are filming a little more. Not meaning to be harsh, trying to offer a helpful suggestion

  8. I love it man that place is insane but its true if you are in that place and think you can not get in shape in every aspect from just the average joe or the elite athlete then you should just end your life right there because you do not belong in any gym.


  9. GOD DAMN!!!! this gym is the shit I can’t believe it I swear Zach if you said this gym existed and you could’nt prove it I would’nt believe you. Its just amamzing how gyms gym like this are still around this is awesome

  10. yep, the atmosphere rocks

    dennis, sorry bro, running around a lot – cant hold shit still,

    i take pride in being the worst camera man ever – the content is killer 🙂

    that gym was empty when i got there, they open at 4 or 5 , that was 11 or 12 noon,,special open doors for the underground strength show!

  11. Skibas gym is one of the most hardcore gyms I have ever seen!

    It freaking rocks!

    Keep the videos coming bro!

  12. How much is rent if i setup a bed in a corner!!!!!
    True Gym!!!!! Stones, anvils, thick bars, etc…

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