Episode # 64: Flight 518


For weeks I would see different planes flying overhead.

I would stare at them, every single one of them.

I was beginning to think of not wanting to be on a plane.

I was thinking even more about doing what I love, and, how much longer and how many more things will I do in my life that are NOT what I want to do.

Would I draw the line?

When would I draw the line.

Should I suck it up, or have I sucked up enough?

For days it felt wrong. Going away again, getting on a plane, and again, doing 1 more thing that is NOT what I love.

Do what you love I always say, follow your passion.

Dan Kennedy speaks of creating a business that governs YOUR rules - for one guy, it meant never wearing a tie unless it was a funeral.

Will I never get a plane? Hardly - it'll happen again.

But, being on the plane, just about ready for take off, I said "F**k this" - got up and told them I need to get off the plane.

I did.

I walked off.

I drew the line.

I began the very beginning of creating a business around my own rules.

Gene Landrum speaks of breakdown to breakthrough - well, this was my breakdown period.

It was the straw that broke the camel's back.

This is the year where "real work" ends and my passion begins. These are THE years, lose them now and you can never get them back.

Flight 518....it never happened....but now MORE things will happen....


BIG thanks goes to my wife, for her support, my kids, for their amazing love although they don't really know it yet, my mastermind crew who supported me and my friends who supported me.

Sometimes it's rough and tough, but we all make it through these times.

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

PS: The beginning of you living your passion can begin at http://KillItMarketing.com

PPS: No flying? Hmmmmm.... Kill It Marketing Road Trips coming to a town near you!

6 Responses

  1. Great shit Zack! Good for you brother! F the plane! Now we need to get your ass on a surf board!

  2. Dude kill that shit! Your the man and its just keeps getting better and better


  3. Your words hit a deep chord with me today. I have been and still am battling to find and become my passion. Super inspiring and thanks for that. Though it was your own life ‘breakdown’ it helped me in more ways than you know.
    Where was the flight headed, what was it for?
    Kill it, crush it, and passion up!

  4. proud of you man! you “walk the talk” bro. a trait that is hard to find these days.

    keep “breaking down” ūüėČ

  5. Yo Z You da Man glad to hear you did what you LOVE thats what i call THE TRUTH as Elliot said you talked and walked it i have so much respect for ya man!


    Dave Lee-The Real World Strength Coach

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