Episode # 81: Grip Strength Mania!


Wow, on my birthday, an old friend and a BEAST, Johnny Wasiscko stopped by the gym to say Happy B Day. I asked him what's new & he said preppin' for strongman comps and the Arnold Grip Contest....

It was the day before the Lost Secrets of Strength Development, so, I said sh*t, let's train and kill it w/a grip contest.

This got wild and we really got carried away breaking all the rules and doing everything that made NO sense at all! These are the best and funnest workouts!

Enjoy and post your comments below!


I've said it a million times before...

Strong Hands = Strong Man.... Plain and Simple!

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

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8 Responses

  1. You don’t want to use chalk with the RT! Great video.

  2. Yes, we’ll make Smitty and his boys go through a nauseating squat workout first, ha ha – we need every advantage over those beasts!

    can’t wait!

    no chalk on rolling thunder smitty? makes it too slippery?

  3. Jon Smith says:

    I couldn’t see the video, the link said:’ We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.

    Did you guys do some grip strength challenges with naked girls?

    Now that’s a way to spend your birthday!

  4. No chalk~ that’s the real strong hands.

    BTW, wat we always do here in China is grip 2 iron kettlebell in one hand. a judo athlete I trained has done this chalkless with 2 40kg kbs. his thumbs are real hooks.

  5. hey Zachs,
    This year is a very succesful year cause I can see that my hands are growing like nobodys business after spending my time watching your videos that shows different sets and reps and Iam really enjoying them.
    Please my strength coach continue to post me more and more vids because there are alot of teens here who are willing to participate and for your own information,there is the tornament that has just started in all districts so that there must be the best to represent our nation and Iam in.Give me more and m,ore secrets so that I can shoot to the top.
    The other goodness is that since I started gym in 2002,my body is keeping the doctors away so keep it up.

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