Ever Since the Days When I Was a Young Kid….


You hear that tune in the background of this video?

Watch the video and read on, I'm gonna tell you about a dream and how you can achieve your dreams as well, but first, let go of your fear....

Can you FEEL the energy from that video or what baby!?!?!

That was the latest Underground Strength Coach Certification and it rocked the freakin house SON!

Now, onto that story I was gonna tell you about...

It sounds corny, but hang tight with me, it's the truth.

When I was 11 or 12, before I even started lifting weights, my older brother was HUGE into working out. His entire bedroom had barbells and dumbbells, you know the fancy ones with the spin collars??

He had sand weights and he also had the iron plates.

I remember riding my bike to the OLD Menlo Park Mall to their sporting good store, it was called Herman's. He bought 4 ten lb plates and we each put 20 lbs in our back packs and I rode home. My legs were dying!

I could barely pedal my bike home when we had to climb this steady incline!

My bro also had plenty of bodybuilding magazines in his room: Muscle & Fitness, Muscular Development, IronMan and my favorite, The Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybulding. This book was PURE GOLD & kicked more ass than Arnold kicked in the movie, Predator (which I saw during my older bro's birthday party WAY back when!)- loaded with thousands of black & white photos of the most rugged and powerful bodybuilders around from The Golden Era.

I used to stay up late at night, reading Arnold's book and all those muscle magazines, reading about workouts, proper technique, getting ripped abs, building bulging biceps and all that other fun stuff.

Once I began working out, I became addicted.

I loved it so much that I would ride my bike to every surrounding convenience store to read the different muscle magazines. I would sit on the floor for 2 hours, reading everything cover to cover. One store hated it and they posted a sign that "This is NOT a library, if you want to read the magazines you must BUY them"


By age 14, I decided I wanted to own my very own gym. I would ask my Dad to drive me to EVERY gym possible, just so I could check them out. I visited private gyms, Gold's Gyms and World Gym. Many of which are out of business today, unfortunately.

One dude even burnt down his gym just to get out of the business, no kidding!

I had the fire inside of me to never give up. To make something BIG happen.

Most people quit RIGHT before the Finish Line.

They quit right before things start to happen.

This is when you must push harder and faster.

Yesterday I received a phone call on my gym phone and it was a gentleman from out west who said he was going through an old e book that he and I collaborated on along with 10 others and all the other 10 had disappeared off the face of the earth.

They ALL quit and gave up.

I could have quit.

I could have given up.

But I NEVER stopped pushing forward, even when friends became haters and those close to me told me to quit.

Simple Lesson, BIG Results.

What can you do if you decided to NEVER quit?

I bet you could kick some serious ass?!?!

Crush it!!


PS: My first e course was created by taking photos and documenting everything I did when training athletes in my parents backyard. It was 110 pages.

People told me it was a joke and noone would be interested in it. I could have listened and stuck to what the "normal people" told me to do but I didn't, and it was selling up to 5 copies a day all around the world from countries I never had even heard of. 

Today, it is completely updated with my entire strength training system and is over 500 pages of butt kicking info with awesome photos, workouts and my entire system. Check it out HERE and make it happen for yourself, I'm giving you my Blue Print HERE.

6 Responses

  1. Awesome post Zach as always. You always manage to keep the fire burning when ever times are looking hard.

    I’m the only trainer doing what I’m doing out here and its not easy to get people on your side but once they do they are sure glad they found me.

    Keep killing it

    Marc Kent

  2. Zach,
    You inspire me just by you being a “product of the product”…

    Keep doing what you do best Zach….God Bless Ya….

    Ronnie T

  3. Yup – you gotta keep on keepin’ on. Dude, i’ve said this before and i’ve said it in my blog before, but you’re a huge inspiration and I love these motivational blog posts! Keep em coming!

  4. When I was 10 I started martial arts. I was small, weak, slow and scared of my own shadow. I had one simple system.

    1) Start doing something.
    2) Keep learning to do that thing better
    3) never give up

    I figured it was a pretty full proof plan.
    2 years ago I earned my 4rth degree black belt.

    Thanks for re-enforcing my plan again Zack, you always know the hard core truth.

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