Jerry Rice, Over Training, CNS Burn Out, Low T Levels, Excuses & Lying To Yourself


I've got 3 videos to share with you today. One, a rant from myself. Another, the work ethic & commitment of Jerry Rice, an NFL record holder & Mark Bell, one of the world's strongest powerlifters.

WARNING: These videos contain Adult Language, Will LIKELY Be Offensive To Others and are NOT Work / Family Safe

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[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]



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    1. Steve! I remember that post! The older dudes are stronger than the NEW generation!!! NUTS!!!

  1. I recently watched that Jerry Rice video after Smelly mentioned it. Truly inspiring. The fact that he still does the hill long after his ‘career’ ended, speaks volumes. Great post brutha!

    1. We can’t allow age to set our limits, we MUST break THROUGH these so called limits!

  2. Excellent vid, Zach
    A true kick in the butt – 4 all of us lazy mofos out there.

    Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Work ethic – you can build a helluva life on those four bricks. Worth repeating this EVERY morning before you enter the arena of life for another day. Great stuff.

    Been intrigued more & more by the SealFit Programm after I read you’re getting ready for the challenge. Watched the vid a couple of times and this could very well be the next big mission for me next year. I’m getting caught up in it more and more. Must truly be a life experience. Can’t wait to get a post from you after you accomplished it.
    Rock on

    1. Sven, I will keep U posted, brutha! This challenge is a “Pilot” that my buddy and I approached Mark Divine with….. it’s gonna be awesome!

  3. Loved when Jerry says that the first time on the hill kicked his butt, and he had to go back and conquer it. Never Back Down!

    Thanks for sharing Zach!

    1. That’s right, man quit when this happens, U gotta get back up and attack, WINNING after!!

  4. Dustin W. says:

    Best line, “F!!K you and F!!k your elbow.” Oh man that is great!
    Listen if you are max benching, squatting, and deadlifting every day you are going to burn out! But pushing it hard two or three times a week? Come on! If you are really worried about your body do some GPP or mobility training. Mix in some body weight days. Cycle with % like Mark said, but to stop is the last thing you want to do.
    “HE” will set in! Mr. R will tell you to take one more day, then a week, then a month, and before you know it it has been a year!
    Pain is a part of life. Training your body to tolerate higher levels of pain will pay off later in life. If you run and avoid the pain you will be in a wheel chair slamming pain meds like candy.
    “I don’t mind the pain”-Glenn Danzig

    1. Mark is tough as nails, many don’t realize it, but he IS!

      We need to train the mind and body to handle this type of WORK!

  5. Right on! Excuses sound lamer and lamer the older I get, especially coming from folks who have a sense of entitlement. My standard answer to these folks is ” You are entitled to exactly what you earn, nothing less.” Mark Bell hit the nail on the head. Live life with passion and aggression, not in weakness and submission. I just spent too much time writing this crap, I need to go train now. OUT!

    1. Dennis! #TRUTH

      Thnx for commenting, brutha!

  6. Jay Kilgore says:

    I just need to take a quick minute to say THANK YOU Zach!!

  7. Mark Bell – what a charakter.
    Just love the way he gets into yr face. Always with a smirk and some hilarious shiz coming your way. Love the guy – laughed so hard I almost pissed my pants.
    So “F**K you and F**k your elbow. Later!”

    hahaha – what a finish!

  8. Fitness Wayne | Strength Training, Weight Loss and Paleo Health Blog says:

    The quote at the top about excuses Is so true. When I meet people who are out of shape they have no shortage of excuses.

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