EXTRA Workout for the SOUL


Lots of questions always fill the in box with "How do you train, Zach" - so, this is me, on an "off" day, doing some extra work, training that won't get me sore but helps with conditioning and keeps me mentally sane as I have a tough time laying off from any form of exercise.

On these extra days I simply train by feel. Remember, I'm a SOUL Lifter and now that I live by the beach my workouts will be returning back to a form similar to my younger days when me and my buddies would go on crazy mountain biking treks.

It was a brutal workout to be trekking through trails for 2 - 3 hours in the summer heat, yet awesome fun and crushed the legs!

My Jet Black GT is about to hit the streets, the boardwalks, the trails and who knows where else!

My new running sneaks should hit The Underground Monday.

I expect and plan to transform myself to a MUCH higher level then ever before, as always, it's gonna be a way to Lead from the FRONT!



PS: BIG, BIG Thanks to all who replied to my last e mail telling me what they wanted to see from me in the near future! You guys F**ing ROCK! THANK YOU!

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  1. Hey Man,

    Great Vid!

    I agree with you 100% Conditioning us huge for the mental aspect. I find a sick conditioning workout always feeds my “soul.”

    Thanks for the post man.

  2. I admit Zach, that was one of the best conditioning vids I think you’ve put out. Love what you did with the bands, simple snatches and mixed with the barbell complex.

    Keep it up and keep risin to the top!

  3. Great workout, Zach. I find myself doing more of these type of workouts. I’m sixty years old now and I get into throwing shit around and moving odd objects. I have not been on a squat rack or bench press now for many years, after spending a lifetime on both. I still squat but with odd objects. Your stuff [and Elliott’s] and kettlebells make my own workouts fun to do. My english bulldogs stay busy with me, chasing balls. My backyard is a paradise, ha,ha. Keep it up.

  4. HI z
    That’s what i’m talking about,great workout as always.Keep them coming brother.

  5. Awesome stuff Zach!
    I usually find myself too sore to train the day after a brutal workout, but I might give this sort of stuff a try.
    Did you stick to just one set/circuit for these?

  6. Great workout Dude. I find myself doing more of these type of workouts. I do them non stop for 5 sets 15 reps ea & its an ass kicker. Keep up the good work. You always give me good ideas.

  7. Good workout Zach. I am still wanting to do the kettlebells but have no idea of where to start!

  8. Zach,

    Love your workout. Your workouts and new movements have been awesome lately. I especially like THE MANMAKER using the sandbag. I’m currently implementing your 1year blueprint workout and at the end of each session, I hit the sandbag for a few reps of THE MANMAKER and it blows me away. Keep up the great work in health and fitness.

  9. I was soshort on time nbetween clients yesterday but wanted to hit a strongman circuit, but without the proper tools I really had to improvise … so instead of a stone pickup I did a barbell pickup with 185. Basically its picking it up in a zercher squat and loading it onto the top pins of the power rack and then taking it back down tothe lower pins. A bit challenging because of the angles but good total body work, the hit heavy push (for me)press of 100 for rounds of 2. Still lagging a bit on the left arm but plased with the feeling afterwards.

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