Feats of Strength with Iron Tamer, David Whitley


I am a bit speechless in what to say here.

Quick Intro: David Whitley is a Kettlebell Expert and is a Senior RKC Instructor.

He is STRONG as hell...which can be Very dangerous, IF you piss him off.

His training tool of choice? The Russian Kettlebell.

Watch what he does when steel passes through his hands....and, watch what scared the living daylights out of me!

Stay tuned for more killer Kettlebell training videos.

Drop a comment and let me know what you thought of that video!



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The next one is in October and we have a few spots left. If you wanna dominate, step right up 🙂

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21 Responses

  1. Dude that was sick. I hate saying this, but I thought The nail was more impressive than than the horseshoe bend. Both were incredibly impressive though. I will definitely be checking his website out for more info though for sure.


  2. Man dude,

    I swear i was thinking what the f*k is Zach thinking.

    I thought for a minute underground was over. LOL

    No pun intended, but that took balls to do.

  3. Dude u gotta go to the summit

  4. Taylor Lopes says:

    That was sick as hell. Man that Dude has Beast forearms but you can tell that Mentaly he is in tune with his body. That was crazy!


  5. “You get better at what you do.” Ain’t that the truth.

    Love the feats of strength shit. Thanks for the vid! Made my morning.

  6. Shaun Giese says:


    Why do you take the LORD’s name in vain when you are of Jewish heritage. Shame on you.

    Shaun Giese

  7. Shawn, haaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I became a very religous man during those 3 – 4 minutes!! ha ha

  8. Great comments and thnx 4 the props every1.

    David did the same feat later that weekend in 1 shot, and hey, I so woulda said F**K you after the miss but it was being recorded by 2 other people, haaaaaa

    Now I can really say,”I HAVE BALLS :)”

    David is a strong beast! No 2 ways about it!


  9. Scott Gough says:

    man that just shows howmuch hard work & dedication you have to put in everyday.
    Zach I can you were holding your breath in there big fella.

  10. Thanks Zach, it was a blast to hang w/you again. Thanks for the comments guys.

  11. i wouldnt wanna piss this guy off either
    i can see why your speechless, that takes balls


  12. dude that was 2 real 2 watch, zach u the man! And just a side point y would any1 want 2 bend a horse shoe?

  13. Coach (Ball)Z,

    Dude! You are feaking nuts (well you were almost nutless)…you’re lucky Dave puts time in to perfect his craft. That was cool sh*t.

    I thought watching Dave juggle Kettlebells was cool- this is a skill that’ll definately get you a few pints at the local pub- not to mention get you banned from the Kentucky Derby! – lol

    See you in a few weeks!



  14. sean polidore says:

    That might have been the craziest underground show to date!!! that guys is SICK strong though. Im going to his site RIGHT NOW!

  15. Zach,

    You gotta get your head checked. I wouldn’t let anybody swing a nail full force near the nads. Jezzzzzus. Great vid though.


  16. I dont think I have ever seen Zach so scared I love it! haha Dave is bad ass and superman strong, but the nicest dude. He did a kick ass audio feature a few months back on my blog and talked about the same stuff Z. His training philosophy is great!

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