HARD Nosed Lifting Lessons from 1991


Lessons from 1991 - Make The Rep or Die!

I was a high school sophomore and it was a bit after wrestling season.

I was training at the local gym where my parents would drop me off and come back 2-4 hours later.

I would train, have a protein shake, do homework and then if my parents weren't there yet, I'd get on the bike and pedal.

I recall once waiting for them as they did holiday shopping and I pedaled a marathon on an old exercise bike, AFTER my
regular training.

I didn't get rhabdo, I didn't sue anyone and my feelings weren't hurt.

Imagine that nowadays πŸ™‚

Anyway, back to my story from 1991.

I was doing legs that day and already Squatted. I loved Squatting, always did, always will. I would squat 135, then 185, then 225, 275, 315......

Something beautiful about putting a bar on your back and grinding out those tough reps that make some and break plenty of others.

I would always end up finding a training partner and Jeff was in his early 20s, a former college wrestler and he was pushing me beyond what I thought was capable every single training session.

I remember when Jeff was leg pressing, he was farting.

He said to me if you're not farting during the leg press, you ain't training hard enough ha ha.

I was pretty strong with legs so I was keeping up with Jeff.

We were on our 3rd or 4th set now and as Jeff kept saying, 2 more, 2 more, 2 more over and over again the damn leg presses started coming down on me.

I was grunting and said HELP ME!

Jeff was sitting on a bench watching me calmly and he replied, HELP YOURSELF.

That Mother F--er!

I swear to you I was gonna die under that machine!

I put my hands on my legs and pushed with everything I had and barely made the rep.

Jeff stood up and put his hands on the leg press to "spot me".

I don't recall how many reps went from there but I kept going and it was to the point where you start seeing stars.

This magical feeling of losing yourself and finding yourself.

You get some strange "second wind" lifting weights and have no clue what's going on but the experience and lesson stuck with me and I was only 15 years young.

Now 42, I still have the guts.

I still don't fear the pain.

I can't train the same as I did in my teens and early 20s, ask any other guy in his 40s who pushed through hell and high water in training, we've all got scars from the gym, from sports.....

But instead of finding an excuse, WE FIND A WAY.

Yesterday I squatted with a 150 lb Sandball.

Last week I did Box Squats.Β 

Who cares, I am SQUATTING.

For the few who kept on reading and have discipline beyond 5 seconds before you swipe your finger, let me tell you.....

In training, sometimes you gotta get a lil' crazy.

Otherwise you will conform.

You are normal.

You are like too many people out there who can't do a push up.

Strength is a Choice.

Always has been, Always will be.

Get your hands dirty and find a way to MAKE THE REP OR DIE.

2 New Updates inside The Underground Strength Academy

- I've added The BEAST Strength Program which is a 12 Month program. Follow it to the T, nothing complicated and become a HAMMER. The program blends what we do at The Underground Strength Gym for the athletes as well as my experience in training myself and other adults with how you need to ebb and flow from heavy lifting to other styles of training to keep the progress going.

You'll go through bodyweight only training mini cycles, kettlebells and sandbag only training cycles, old school bodybuilding cycles and much more. The changes allow you to keep getting strong and most of all, HAVE SOME FUN when training!

- I also did our monthly QnA Video-cast and ironically, there are a LOT of business questions. It's amazing how many Strength Coaches are out there trying to make it happen so I discuss the mistakes I've mad, the smart things I do, how I would evolve and much more.

Listen - the world is changing.

Excuses are running rampant and mediocrity is being accepted.

Coaches tell me if they are tough on the athletes they train, they will get fired.


I believe this:


I was trained this way and I will go to the grave this way.

Strength & Conditioning Gyms for athletes only are NOT easy, I know this all too well.

MANY strength coaches have become "fitness coaches" because that's where the money is.

Not me, I am not going to transform The Underground Strength Gym into a fitness club.

NO. Be a Hammer. Age is irrelevant.

Things I know.....

- Because parents are making endless excuses for their kids.

- Because sports coaches tell the athletes not to go to a local strength coach because, "We do all that here...."

Well, the few tough parents, tough kids and tough adults out there are gonna keep the dream alive!

I salute those of you who inspire and educate others to have some grit.

Life is better when you are Tougher.

This photo above brings back some GREAT memories.

Training in the backyard before we even lived in that house because we gutted the entire house for an entire year.

I trained athletes from the garage, the backyard and local playground.

We destroyed everything in sight.

Some survived and some had no inclination to become great. Those who accepted mediocrity found a way to disappear.

I thought everyone wanted it, I was wrong.

Some people think it's crazy to squat, to struggle, to strain.....

They want that easy life, that comfort life.

They will complain about everyone and everything else because when you have no struggle in your life,
you begin to find everything a "problem".

When people complain to me or about me, I know they don't struggle under heavy weights.

I know they don't "get it" - otherwise no one would complain about me playing football with kids at a public park that is always desolate.

It's so simple, it's complicated.

Training need NOT be a nerd-festival.

The fancy excel and power point don't impress me, results impress me.

Get your learn on.

Invest your time, energy and yes, even your money.

Since age 13 I would invest in my knowledge willingly and with passion.

Catch up on The STRONG Life Podcasts Here.

Do something HARD today.

Make it happen.

Live The Code 365,


PS: I know it's the holidays and you're out there buying gifts for everyone else.

How about YOU take care of YOU.

Get inside https://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com

Use The BEAST Strength program.

Give yourself the Gift of STRENGTH training to be a HAMMER.

Celebrate it, too!

See you on the other side.


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