How The Underground Inner Circle Helped Me Complete The GORUCK Challenge


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After successfully completing a few Tough Mudder events my training partner and I wanted a new challenge to train for.

Not sure how it happened but we came across the GORUCK events and shortly after, it was decided that we would enlist in the GORUCK Challenge (GRC).

At the time neither of us knew much about the GORUCK events but we figured we’d prepare in a similar way as the Tough Mudder events.

For the previous adventure runs we put together a program that incorporated Zach’s Bodyweight Bodybuilding routine along with a cardio plan.

We had an idea that we needed to spice up the program a bit so I made a couple posts and did some research on the Underground Inner Circle.


As expected, I got quality replies from Zach and other forum members. From their suggestions I was lead to a couple web sites to research the event, audio interrogations Zach did with Tommy Hackenbruck and Brian MacKenzie and additional training programs to follow such as Project X and the Mental Toughness Workouts.

I went back to our original training program and made some changes.

In addition to the training plan we began to include the Mental Toughness (MT) workouts at least once per week. These workouts were intense and served a specific kick some ass, get us out of our comfort zone and give us that mental and physical push needed for the Challenge.

"Personally, I think without the MT workouts we wouldn’t have been as successful in finishing the event."

Throughout the 12 hour GRC it was difficult at times carrying odd objects over our head, holding people up, carrying our team weight, rucksacks, etc.. However, there wasn’t a time either of us considered giving up and a big reason for that was the training plan we followed.

Based off the guidance and training advice given on the Underground Inner Circle, we were well prepared for the event.

By no means was it easy, however, Zach’s programs were very practical for this type of event.


Besides the training information the inner circle provides, I found myself listening to numerous interrogations when out for long walks with the rucksack. It made the time go by faster listening to a variety of motivational, business advice, nutrition and other audio files stored in the Underground Inner Circle.

From the second you become a member of the Underground Inner Circle you’re hooked up with ebooks, workout programs, audio files and a list of other items that set you up for success.

I’m pumped to be a member of Zach’s Inner Circle and would highly recommend it to others as well.

Dave Tatulli / NJ

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  1. Good Job! Keep cranking it out!

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