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Wanna know how I think about training my clients?

How do I organize their workouts for maximum results in muscle building, strength building, power development and conditioning?

Watch this video and drop a comment as I reveal some seriously kick ass info!

Any thoughts, comment or questions on the video?

Drop a comment and I'll answer.

If you want to see exactly how I trian my clients and myself, ALL workouts are documented daily at


--Coach Z--

PS: I am getting a lot of e mails regarding the business side of what I do and how I turned my $5 an hour training of clients into a full fledged business that allowed me to leave my job that payed me $93 grand a year....and, the gym is run part time.

If you want me to create a business program for what I do, hit me up with an e mail and let me know exactly what you need ==>


7 Responses

  1. Matt Wichlinski says:

    Keep it simple, keep it effective. So I was gonna have my athletes do some double kettlebell snatches while jumping rope on top of a swiss ball, you know, working power, stamina and balance all at the same time, it’s gonna ROCK!

  2. Thats right! Build up and change. Get well rounded and balanced and build everything together. Change it and build up again.

  3. John Bocobo says:

    Damn good stuff. Cross-training, creating leaders/coaches with the more experienced kids, and basic movements. Keep rocking what works.

  4. DUDE! that’s sick; I couldn’t agree more. That is the way to truly build unbelievably dominant athletes.

  5. Great video Zach! I love the concept of building “athletes” and not just prepping them for their sport. Most kids need a ton of mobility and overall strength and I found that a lot of parents and coaches want to rush them into lifting super heavy before they are even prepped and ready and they saw no gains at all. Keep kickin’ butt, love this stuff!

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