Iron Roots Ep. 10 – Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia by John Jesse


This book was gifted to me in the early 2000s by Josh Henkin, creator of The Ultimate Sandbag. I will never forget how grateful I was and still am that Josh shared this book with me!

This book was written in 1974, before I was even born! Coach John Jesse was WELL ahead of his time, in fact, this was a time period in athletics where many Coaches were warning against weightlifting because You'll become muscle bound or Your muscles will turn to fat if you stop training.

If you're ready to read about a book that destroys mediocrity and defies excuse making, then dig in and watch / listen the latest episode of The Iron Roots Podcast!

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  1. Richard Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing more about this book I had been looking for it since you had sharing as one to have in my own strength library. your podcast made me want to make even more and I have on my shelf and has a wrestling coach myself it’s great knowledge to share with athletes and he and the coaches I work with and I know we will implement it .

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