It’s Dangerous Out There & 9 Life Lessons For A STRONG Life



Here's some straight talk about LIFE and how to stay STRONG, even when the cards are stacked against you.

Pay attention to detail and remember that success leaves clues.

You might think this post is jaded or that this is a negative way of thinking, but I've learned in my lifetime to literally always sleep with one eye open. As soon as you relax and think that everything is all good you become vulnerable.

I used to NOT think like this. I thought everyone had a heart, everyone was genuine and honest. But, not true. Some people don't give a shyt if they hurt you. Because of this, you must develop a 'Thick Face, Black Heart'.

I worked as a teacher and things were amazing my first few years. Then, things began to change. I began to experience how caring and being a progressive thinker got you in trouble, where forward thinking was shunned. If a sports team was getting embarrassed and losing over and over again, a blind eye was turned.  Even when the kids were getting embarrassed from constant losing, change was shunned.

Just because someone is in charge or at the top of the food chain does not mean they genuinely care. Many people in command stop caring.

Lesson # 1 for you: If / When you climb to the top, don't be "that guy" who stops caring. Regardless of your position of power, Give it ALL your heart, push everyone else to pursue excellence and remember WHY & WHERE you started in the first place. Your WHY must inspire you to strive for greatness in changing the lives of others.

I've seen former pro athletes try to help losing teams and get sued in the process because they pushed the athletes to work HARD and beyond their comfort zone.

I've personally tried to help MANY losing teams & coaches, often times with FREE training. The help is ignored or excuses are made as to why you can't help them. Pushing others to work hard becomes a crime, at least this is how the unmotivated view hard work.

You should always view hard work as a GIFT, not a crime.

Lesson # 2: Stray away from the negative people, the naysayers and excuses makers. Build your OWN tribe of positive, forward thinking people. Never allow yourself to become a clock puncher who merely goes through the motions and collects a pay check. NEVER be "that guy".

Many of you reading this blog are good people. You want to help others, inspire others and spread the word on Living the Code, Living The STRONG Life. Sometimes, your goodness is blindsided when the people you help turn on you and / or steal from you.

You might help someone with their business and they turn your ideas into their own product and never mention your name. You think someone is loyal to you, until they are not. You think your partner is in 50 / 50 with you until he doesn't do the work and it becomes more like a 90/10 relation at best.

Lesson # 3: Move slowly into partnerships of any kind. Watch for big egos, control freaks or desperate people. These people will always do what is good for them, not for good for the team.

These people seem like your best friend until something better comes along to save them.

Lesson # 4: Just because you think you're doing good for someone doesn't mean they appreciate your effort, time and the work it took to get there yourself.

You think you're helping an athlete by being safe and smart with the training you provide, then he tells his parents you're mean because he didn't do the same exercises as everyone else in the gym.

You're mean because you laid down the law on not working hard enough and telling them to Live UP to their potential.

When you push others to go outside of their comfort zone you will NOT make a million friends. They will resent you for it, even though you did what you did from the goodness of your heart to make that person better.

There is more to this....

You can let the setbacks, the obstacles, the hurt from those you once trusted or assumed genuinely cared..... You can let it ALL bring you down and then you become one of "them".

But you can NOT ever become one of them.

"Everyday Our Eulogies Are Being Written"

- Jon Huntsman

You must still forge onward, forward and keep doing GOOD.

People in general are weak, not just physically, but mentally.

Many can not say "Thank YOU" and they can never admit where / who mentored them. They show NO gratitude.

Don't stoop down to that level. THAT is Weak. The path of "everybody else" is the last place you want to journey to.

Lesson # 5: Learn to say "Thank You". Speak forward with gratitude. Not everyone is nice or caring but everyone can TRY to do so.

These lessons are not lessons of being negative in life.

They are lessons in WISDOM.

Here are a few more quotes to hit home with....

"You Can Not Do Kindness Too Soon, For You Never Know How Soon It Will Be Too Late"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Knowing Others Is Wisdom, Knowing Yourself Is Enlightenment"

- Lao - Tzu

The goal of what I do through my business is to change lives. To help others Live a STRONG Life not just in the gym but also in life.

Some might admire this goal or admire me. But I don't look for admiration and neither should you. Even though today's day and age of social media people are always checking for how many likes, how many shares, etc. - Ultimately, it is NOT about admiration.

It is about RESPECT.

Stand your ground and keep doing what you believe in (Unless of course you're an unethical person).

Lesson # 7: At the end of the day, you must respect your OWN work and know in your heart that you have done good. We all make mistakes. Some will ignore mistakes and continue to do wrong. Others will become better humans in the process.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]


The bottom line is you must continue to do the good from your heart. Tomorrow must be better than today.

You will learn through experience that the surface is not always what you see or what always holds true. Continue to help others and be a Change Maker in this world. Become inspired to uphold a stronger code.

It will not be easy, but, what endeavor is easy when you're trying to be the best?

There are times when I want to burn it all down because I put out all my info from the heart. But then I remind myself to never feel bad. It is best to put your emotions and energy into Success.

Sure, it hurts when someone can't say "Thank you" or admit they are wrong. But if you let them be the person or the thing that hurts you, slows you down or stops you, then you become part of their wrong doings. You contribute to the negative if you cave in.

Lesson # 8: A Hero will stand tall and not cower to those who hurt others and serve their own ego.



So if you've been knocked down, get the f**k back up again and again and again. Period.

If someone does you wrong, then focus on doing more good for others vs getting even.

If your place of work holds you back and refuses to rise up and do good, then go out on your own and make good happen. Don't allow circumstance to hold you back. If a person you once thought was a true friend turns out not to be, let it go and move onward and upward. The View is always better at the top of the mountain.

Yes, it IS dangerous out there, but, you must never lose your edge and strive to always be a dangerous man, in a good way.

Lesson # 9: At the end of the day it comes down to this:

"Stand for Something or

Fall for Anything."

If you get knocked down, get back up again and again and again!

Tough times will come but as you learn to harness your energy into creativity and productivity, less of those tough times will negatively impact you.

Take that energy and turn into something positive.

I will leave you with this AWESOME book recommendation.

I love this #Book. #WinnersNeverCheat #Livethecode365 #UndergroundStrengthCoach

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Do you have any STRONG Life Tips you'd like to share or comments on this blog post? Please share them below!

Live The Code 365,



9 Responses

  1. I know some people who should read this. Thanks Zach!

    1. Thanks for reading and supporting, Scott!

  2. Great message Zach! Straight truth, straight fire!
    In a world that is becoming more and more “unreal”, I appreciate the way you always keep it REAL.
    Contrary to popular belief, nice guys do finish first, because they (we) refuse to drop down to loser level.
    Stay strong!

    1. Brian D, I WISH ALL nice guys finished first BUT truth be told, MANY nice guys like myself get burned, so we think more and more about quitting…. UNTIL, we realize we can NOT quit.

      That if we quit, the wrong doers WILL triumph.

      We will never inspire and be the change we wish to see in others.

      So, I can’t quit, won’t quit & that’s that!

      Weak people pull the Guru egomaniac role, the truly strong will be leaders who create more leaders!

  3. Jay Jairdullo says:

    As always right on point Zach! Seems like whenever I need a pep talk or a smack in the face you are right there with the perfect message. THANK YOU for inspiring me to live the STRONG Life. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. Jay, we gotta connect next week, brother! We gotta crush it, brother.

      1. Jay Jairdullo says:

        No doubt Zach! We’ll either get on the phone or I can come to one of the gyms….

  4. love the genuine honesty, care and commitment to making things better that I feel when I read your posts.

    1. Steve, I appreciate your words! I DO put my heart & soul into my work so your feedback keeps me going! TRUTH! Thank YOU!

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