BONUS: Jim Wendler Throwback Interview, 2006


This is a STRONG Life BONUS Podcast episode.

It's a Throwback, from 2006, so please understand the audio quality back then was NOT what it is today. Instead, enjoy the Information.

Jim is 100% through and through a super genuine guy, and although a bit crazy, you want to listen carefully to his methods for building strength without all the complications.

NOTE: This audio interview is OLD, long before fancy recording equipment was out. It was recorded on a landline phone! So don't cry about audio quality. Instead, take the info, respect it and USE it.

I still remember being on the phone with Jim at this time, when he was explaining to me how he outlined his own training for an entire year. This was the origins of 531.

This interview happened in the beginning of Jim's 531 release way back in 2006, and back then he simply called it 'Training 3 days a Week'. He didn't have the 531 title yet.

Connect with Jim HERE to pick up his books and clothing.

Jim's training isn't fancy, but it produce powerful results, period. The training is optimal, NOT maximal.

In the end, results are what count and Jim's books have sold 500,000 copies worldwide. It's amazing.

Enjoy the episode below and standby for an updated interview in 2021!

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Below is 1 of my favorite videos of Jim speaking about his 531 training and implementing his system in a high school program that was struggling.


Enjoy this Throwback STRONG Life Podcast with Jim Wendler:

Below is a Video I recorded at the hotel when Jim and I presented together at The NC State Strength Coaches Clinic at Wake Forest.

I took notes and share with you the 3 Lessons that Jim shared during his presentation. His full presentation is inside The Underground Strength Academy HERE.

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7 Responses

  1. I had a difficult time hearing Jim wendler,

  2. unfortunately the recording systems sometimes do that, where one persons voice is not loud enough

    sorry it didn’t work for you my friend,


  3. Great interview with jim. Do u have any others with jim or are you planning on doing more with him anytime soon I hope so very informative great job.

  4. Michael M says:

    I will definitely be setting time aside to listen to this real soon. I plan on starting 531, so this is perfect timing for me. Thanks Zach!

  5. Bill McManus. Iowa says:

    Great stuff. I have been lazy with training for the last 4 years and simple training is exactly what I have been doing to get myself back in shape. Jump ropes, incline walking, body weight, and kettle bells. Great interview can’t wait to listen to all your oth podcasts as I get back into some simple but intense training. Thank you for putting this content out here for everyone.

    1. Brother, calisthenics and carries will take you far. Stay the course, Bill! You can crush this!

      1. Thank you for the response, been getting some good workouts in and am very happy to be back in my gym.

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