Just had to show my favorite Wrestling video!


Guys, this video has always amped me up, and with wrestling season in full swing here in the dirty jerzee (and everywhere else in the USA) it is only fitting you see what a wrestler can do when he has brute strength, lightning fast power and amazing skill....

I don't know about you, but I feel like kicking someone's ass now! ha ha

I just hope I don't run into my own wrestlers for saying that, ha ha!

Today, we had a lot of our college wrecking crew training at http://UndergroundStrengthGym.com - but we also had 1 of my 7th grade wrestlers killing it. His Dad said, "Damn Zach, they're all Bigger than you!"

He's right! That's the goal - I want ALL my athletes to be way stronger than me. Not that I am some super human beast, but, if you know young athletes, most of them are weaker than the Sunday Newspaper - I have seen these dudes transform from weak as hell to strong as hell - it's a GREAT feeling to see this stuff!

Here's a lil' sneak peek of today's in season wrestling workout. I post ALL of the workouts our athletes do at http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com

1) Zercher Squat w/thick cambered bar: 5 x 2 reps

2A) double Kettlebell Push Press 4 x 3 reps

2B) mixed grip pull ups 4 x max reps

3A) glute ham raise 3 x 10

3B) weighted 45 degree back extensions 3 x 10

4) grip & abs 3 x each

Give the workout a shot and let me know how you like it. If you're not an in season athlete, feel free to bump the zercher squat and kettlebell reps up to 5 per set.

Post your comments on the video below!

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

PS: Coming Soon! We have an Underground Strength Show of one of our wrestling beasts and man it is some killer shizza! Just wait and see!

PPS: Wanna know how our wrestlers train and why they kill it BIG time?

Their secret weapon is found at http://UndergroundStrengthKit.com

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  1. Something about watching warriors like these guys just gets your adrenaline flowing –

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