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Above, Saturday Night Post Underground Strength Conference, 10 PM lift session @ The Underground Strength Gym of Edison, NJ.

Last weekend I learned some serious lessons in both life AND lifting.

The Underground Strength Conference & the first graduating class of Warrior University in one weekend was INTENSE emotionally AND physically.

I want you to Learn from these lessons that I took away from that amazing weekend.

Below, I share my lessons so you can also see how you can AND should apply them to your OWN life for GREATER success.....


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Here's a Video from The Ultimate Warrior talking about his experience after filming Warrior University.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Warrior U. did NOT pan out as I expected...... or, as anyone else expected. Some of these stories I simply keep locked up with me after The Warrior Man has left this world.

The lesson of Warrior U not running smoothly reminds me that certain things are simply not meant to be. I am fine with that.

With all the flaws and setbacks that happened during the filming of Warrior U, what truly counts is that the men who went through the training that day had their lives changed.

Rather than focus on the bad that happened, I will focus on the good.

There is no power when you focus on the bad. Let it go. It's gone. Move onward and upward.

Live The Code 365 - This Applies to Life AND Lifting.

As I type, I'm away for a few days in the mountains with my family.....

Check the pic below snapped early in the AM from my deck.

This mini vaca was perfect timing for a lil' escape as my mind and body definitely needed a break from the hustle & bustle life I tend to push myself into. A change of scenery doesn't mean laziness, I will tell you that much!

I encourage the same for you.

Escape from your norms and do something different. Get away from it all.

- Live or spend time elsewhere from your norm.

- Train somehow, someway different from your norms.

Do NOT allow staleness and same ol' same ol' become your habit. You MUST push the envelope and just as Warrior said at The Underground Strength Conference, it's EAST to get Comfortable

Yesterday I took my kids swimming and I banged out 400 push ups before we left the pool. Sets of 20-50 reps helps get the job done FAST!

One of my wrestlers told me he's been doing 300 push ups a day, so, I was inspired to do a lil' more! ha ha

The training I'll implement here will revolve around a BOAT Load of bodyweight training and stone training as well. There are stones piled high where I'm staying so I'll be using stones to get in some primitive training.

I'm keeping this one short n' sweet but please drop a comment below and share with friends. I'll be sending out my powerful e mails regardless so keep an eye on your e mails. If you're not subscribed then you're missing out, Subscribe HERE.

By the way, those of you wondering about my training..... it's a MIX of BEAST & Bodyweight Bodybuilding.

In the fall, a few close friends & I will be going through a special training challenge led by Navy SEALs. It should be a mix of getting our teeth kicked in along with a kick in the balls. This is motivating the heck outta me to push the running, bodyweight training and the higher volume of work.

In addition, I am running and getting in some beach training on the sand with running.... soon, it will be swimming and stand up paddle boarding added to the mix.

Get after it in your OWN life as well.

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  1. isaac ola says:

    Great post as always! Believe it or not but QUALITY time with my wife and two children has really benefited my training. Living in the exact moment and sharing and receiving love with them has been awesome. I feel more rejuvenated from a very hectic schedule and motivated more than ever. Enjoying the journey and living a strong lifestyle instead of just solely focusing on a goal that I will achieve but still hunger for more. I’ve been incorporating my children in my physical training as well…working planches, front levers and some tumbling type activities has been great. Sorry for the rant but I just strongly feel that our strength is more than just a training session…we are our strength!

    1. Isaac – I hear ya, brutha! This morning my kids hit the playground and I cranked a bunch of burpees, push ups, v ups, v sits, squats, lunges, bear crawls, crab walks, jumping jacks and more

      I get strong by thinking of them!

      Man should NOT be weak, plain and simple, YOU got it right!

      1. How much do you copy what your kids are doing when they play? It never ceases to amaze me how much energy they’ve got, but then they do sleep for like 12 hours or something silly (and here’s me sitting at my computer whilst my little girl sleeps…)

        I’d love to go somewhere with my family that had stones to lift, I’m thinking about getting some for my back yard, to do some home based strongman style training.

        I have to ask how much you feel the need to rest during your holidays? I tend to ask so much of my body that by the time holidays come around, I’m almost desperate for a rest! Not that I always give myself one, the last holiday I went on was snowboarding, and that can be pretty tiring, but does make for a nice change. The holiday before that I went to the Pyrenees and rode the Col de Tourmalet (google it if it’s off your radar) on my birthday, it goes down as a memorable one!

        Keep up the good work,

        1. George, absolutely get some stones, or, make them. I saw a video of a guy who made a sandpit in his backyard, it looked like it was a good 50 ft or so in length, he framed it out with what seemed like some 2×6 boards and lodged them in the ground.

          He had a Rogue Yoke and at Atlas Stone in the sand pit

          It was legit!

          The majority of my training is NOT done at The Underground…. much is done at my home gym in the garage, outdoors and 1 x week at a friend’s gym.

          I often think back to my early days before I owned a gym and I really feel my athletes back then were tougher and meaner and I believe in large b/c they did NOT have a gym to train in!

          On vaca, yes, my body feels the need to rest.

          I do different things like eating breakfast, allow some junk food and I get to bed MUCH earlier.

          Our days here are still VERY active and consist of almost entirely being outdoors.

          The elevation change likely adds a bit more fatigue to my brain as well.

          A little rest, change of nutrition, added calories is good for the body.

          Listen to your body, my brutha, BUT, careful not to listen too, too much…. U can likely handle MUCH more than you once thought!

  2. Zach,
    nice pic – looks like real vacation.

    To pick up the subject – I luv stones. They are my dearest toys these days. Used to play with them on my runs near the river. Now I got some nice ones for my yard. Got various weights and sizes for different work. Even got small ones for grip training. They’re awesome. Best thing – they didn’t cost a thing. ūüėČ

    Try fast paced endurance runs (min. 5km) with some heavy stone lifting and calisthenics in between. Killer.

    Finished my first week with Zachs bodyweightprogramm & hybridKB. I must say I’m sore as hell. Upper body is fine but the squats und lunges with regular running really got me. Glad I have 2 days of but also eager to continue on monday.
    Have a good one.

    1. Sven! Running + stones is DEADLY! LOVE it!

      I gotta get MORE stones at the Underground Home Gym!!

  3. Zach,

    Inspirational post as ever. Your blog and emails fire me up everyday and i always look forward to reading them. Smashing the Bodyweight kettlebell hybrid course at the moment, just about to finish week 2 tomorrow. Absolutely loving, feel my strength, conditioning and overall performance and energy going through the roof! I live and lift for my family (my wife and little boy) Take him to the park everyday and climb, crawl, run and jump with him. Kids definitely know how to work out!

    Hope the holiday (we don’t do vacation in the UK ūüôā is great)

    I’m definitely stronger than yesterday!


    James Holden-Archer
    Wokingham, UK

    1. James, HUGE thnx for the kind words, homie!

      YEA Bro, just returned from park and playground w/my lil’ guy – his energy is CRAZY! If he doesn’t get outside he is like a caged animal! ha ha

      Gotta unleash his BEAST!

      1. James Holden-Archer says:

        No worries man, just like to show my appreciation and gratitude.
        Yea my lil man get antsy after 2 hours of being inside haha he has to run and climbing. He was doing pull up on the dining room table at 6months old. Definitely an Undergrounder in the making.

        Hope the vacation was good.


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