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  1. Hey Zach, a few weeks ago I read an article about bulletproof coffee. Since then I have noticed a few different times where you have mentioned it. I was wondering how you like it and if you are seeing some of the benefits that it claims to have? I am also curious if you are following the recipe exactly as recommended? I am planning on giving it a go and was curious to see what you think about it. Thanks.

    1. Yep, been on it since September, feeling great!!!

  2. Focusing in on consistent integrity every day is the way.Thanks, Z!

  3. Dustin W. says:

    Thanks Zach for this! Everything is crazy right now. Opening a gym (T-minus one month) and everything that goes with it. A lot of things going in many different directions.
    It really helps to hear this from you because at times I feel alone with this journey. Honestly scared at times! Because I believe in The Code, and live each day to be 1% better than yesterday I fear that this approach won’t be received well. I can’t do what others do (you described it in your video) that is not me.
    Time will tell. I have always believed that if you present yourself with integrity, and live with integrity that you will get paid. If all you want is money you will get it, but at the end of the day who cares.
    Pay the bills, and what ever extra is great. Keep up the good work!

  4. John Neal says:

    The great Zen master DT Suzuki likened life to the hammer and anvil of the blacksmith shaping and tempering us through each and every experience. Without the challenging experiences, those we might call bad or distasteful, we could not become better nor our vision clearer.

    At 66 I try to lift heavy four times a week. Please keep in mind the definition of heavy at 66 is probably different than it is at 26. But, as you point out life is about the journey not the arriving and at each age the blacksmith continues to work always working to better the metal.

    I am a loyal follower and would add only two element to your definition and understanding of life and the warrior, compassion and love. Through compassion we come to understand that we are clearly dependent on others and therefore seek to help others as others have helped us. Love is the great power for it sees clearly but accepts, is honest when nothing else is, and when the dust clears remains standing firmly to your back.

    The very best.

    1. Dustin W. says:

      Mr. Neal,
      Have you ever seen the movie “I Am”? Or ever hear of the Institute of Hearthmath?
      “I Am” is the self exploration of the Director for “Ace Ventura”, and other movies. After having all the money in the world he found he trully had nothing. Great movie!
      There are throughout the world in undisclosed locations monitors that measure electrocmagnetic waves. As you can assume they fluctuate dependent on region. But a few times since being placed have they all had the exact same readings. One was the 9/11 attacks. It is believed that compassion links all of us. We are after all compassionate being, with the ability to love. Their studies are demonstrating that we are all linked by a universal thought process.
      Even demonstrating with a bowl of yogurt with live cultures and they can feel your pain and react.
      Keep lifting! You are an inspiration!

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