Men Need To Start Being MEN Again!



It's amazing, yet it never ceases to amaze me. Interesting and ironic at the same time. But seriously, WTF is going on with men nowadays?

The intensity is gone, the gossip is like a group of women, the weakness of mind and body is at an all time high and the excuses just don't stop coming.

My thoughts explained..... Don't move forward if you're a sensitive cry baby contributing to the Pussification of American

"There's Mental Strength, Emotional Strength, Physical Strength & Spiritual Strength....

Most Guys Are Just Wimps, Pussies, Cowards, They Don't Have It...."

Live The Code 365,


Here's How to Train Like A Savage & Forge a Strong Mind, Strong Body & Live A STRONG LIFE....

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14 Responses

  1. My goal is to dewussify America, one man at a time .

    1. Frank, I am with you, I am catching them young!

  2. I met Robert Kyosaki many years ago at a seminar and have read his books. His Marine Corps background shows through in all he does.

    1. Yep, very disciplined! Very mentally tough. Love it!!!

  3. Adrian "Daisy" Day says:

    ZEe, my man!!!!! Another great video, and indeed something that most people won’t watch due to their heart strings not being up to the level that we are as a planet needs.

    1. Adrian, yep, probably right

      People too busy to watch a video yet not busy enough to waste hours every day on facebook or whatever else they do!

  4. Love Rich dad Poor Dad. I am a bigger Dave Ramsey fan though. Fired me up! I start the FOLLOW THROUGH tomorrow!!!

    1. David, you know about follow through, you saw what happens when someone says they will and they don’t

      You lose respect for yourself and those you are supporting will lose respect for you as well

      Rise above bro!

  5. Great stuff again! The mindset is what I push on all my athletes. Anyone can teach a person to lift but only a few can teach them why it is vital to life to get under the bar.
    Everyone uses chains for resistance but how many call them the chains of doubt? That is what my athletes call them. I teach them that the clanging is the doubters taunting you with every rep. Trying to chain you down to their level. Complete the set without fail and you win.
    Anyone can coach athletes for sports but only a few can prepare them for life.
    Thanks Zach!

  6. If I listened to everything they said to me I wouldn’t be here

    If I took the time to bleed from all the tiny little arrows shot my way I wouldn’t be here

    The ones who don’t do anything are the always the ones who try to put you down

    You could spend your entire life in the nowhere land of self doubt

    When you start to doubt yourself
    The real world will eat you alive

    It’s time to align your body with your mind

    It’s hero time

    It’s time to align your body with your mind

    It’s time to shine

    -Henry Rollins

  7. Hi Zach,

    What are your thoughts on sandbag only workouts?

  8. No excuses. Like E.T. says:
    I can
    I will
    I must

  9. Great post, zach. All men are being way worse pussies today

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