Inside Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Book & Training Methods


I came across Mike Mentzer's training methods as a kid. In fact, if memory serves me properly, I began reading about Mike Mentzer around age 11. You see, I would read my older brother's bodybuilding books and magazines for 2 years before I actually began training.

I began training in June of 1989 but leading up to that point, I would dabble in lifting the weights my brother had in his room. It was strange to me that I would lift weights for 2 or 3 weeks and then quit. I thought something was wrong with me. But in mid June of 1989, things changed for me.

I stuck with the training and never looked back. I cut the sleeves off many of my shirts and lots of people took notice of my arms. Those compliments are NOT what inspired me though. What inspired me were the stories I read about in Arnold's books. Stories of overcoming obstacles and having BIG dreams. Those stories sucked me in and got my imagination rolling.

The old black and white photos made me imagine that I was right there, with these bodybuilders training.

I may not fully agree that Heavy Duty / HIT training is the Only Way to train, there certainly are elements to learn from and times that are appropriate for this style of training.

I modified this style of training for myself in my 20s and achieved my best results in strength AND size. I have outlined this though my Gladiator Project HERE.

Let's dive into Mike Mentzer's HEAVY DUTY book and see what I feel is applicable and what is not.


And here is my Iron Roots Video / Podcast on Mike Mentzer. Give a watch AND a listen 🙂

If you've got comments or questions on Mike's HEAVY DUTY / High Intensity training methods, please share them below!

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