The MOST Important Muscle to ALWAYS Work [Jamie Foxx Life Lesson]



I'm always amazed at how people will avoid the work and endure the pain that comes from losing....

Losing in sports....

Losing in a business they own....

Losing at good health....

I've known business owners with their business about go go under, a family to support and have given them advice to succeed and they STILL come up with excuses.

It amazes me and shocks me how everyone KNOWS that it takes hard work to succeed yet many don't try their best.

Is it safe to say that many people are either delusional or simply don't care?

I am always learning. Always. Greater knowledge arms me with better ways to achieve greater success.

I especially love to listen to other highly successful people, regardless of their career, I just LOVE hearing how they overcame obstacles and never quit. NEVER QUIT. When everyone else was quitting and making excuses, they were finding a way to achieve their goals.

In a recent Tim Ferriss podcast, he interviewed actor & musician, Jamie Foxx and it was inspirational beyond what my words can describe.

And of course, one of his words of wisdom was the same as all the other highly successful people out there, but when I looked at his career, I saw that he was taking his own advice for DECADES.

Not a few months.

Not a few years.


Here is what Jame Foxx described as the most important muscle to work....

[youtube width="666" height="366"][/youtube]

As you can see, Jamie Foxx even said "Thank you" after I thanked him for such an awesome podcast on Twitter....


Those 2 small words are CLUTCH.

Do you know how many people I have helped and given my time and energy to and they don't even have the heart to say "Thank you".

Those 2 words tell me a ton about the kind of person you are.

Make sure you listen to that podcast episode with Tim Ferriss and Jamie Foxx HERE.

Leave your comments / questions below.

Live The Code 365,


4 Responses

  1. Great commentary…needed the reminder on the “hustle muscle”! I listened to the teaser for that episode, will definitely check out the full deal…thanks Z!

  2. Hey Zach! It was a great podcast, the 2 plus hours flew by. Probably going to need to listen again while I’m not driving so I can take notes. Never Stop!

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