My Favorite Full Body Workout



I am returning home from a week long business and vacation.

Aside from push ups, my body (and mind) are starving for a full body workout.

The workout I'm gonna crank ASAP upon my return to The Underground is a favorite of mine and doesn't take much time at all.

Hopefully you'll give it a shot yourself:

1) Begin with the 1 arm dumbbell snatch. Hit 1 - 3 reps each side, then move up in weight.

2) Continue to repeat the 1 Arm DB Snatch until it becomes too heavy. Once the dumbbell is too heavy, use the 1 arm clean & press. Hit the clean & press for 1 - 3 reps per arm.

3) Once the press is too heavy, simply clean the dumbbell for 1 - 3 reps.

For me, I will work up to the 130 lb dumbbell, which you'll see in the video below.

After all the dumbbell snatches, clean and pressing and power cleans, it's time to rep out on every imaginable variation of pull ups and rope climbs and recline rowing movements possible, ALL with a 20 lb chain (except for the rope climbs).

It's now time to finish with sprints.

If you have a prowler or sled, sprint with them, if not, sprint some hills.

This workout should take 30 minutes MAX.

Kick some ass with this bad boy, it's a FUN yet Brutal full body workout.

Let me know how you do when you're done and drop a comment below.

Good Luck 🙂


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18 Responses

  1. coach z how many times a week should i do this kick butt work out great i love it keep it coming thanks.

  2. I LOVE those kinds of workouts…short, just a handful of movements, and hits everything from head to toe!

  3. Love it!
    simplicity kills
    definetly hiting this bad boy today!



  4. rangerdan says:

    nice. did this today instead of my crossfit WOD. By the time I hit the sprints I was a puddle of jello. Anxious to see which muscles are most affected with DOMS tomorrow! Keep ’em coming.

  5. I was doing only KB’s and bodyweight, sunday did my first one with barbell… today going to me dumbell day…



  6. This is increadably hard, but man you feel awesome after.

  7. Hi Zach,

    I like this workout, but I have a question. You first say- “Hit the clean & press for 1 – 3 reps per arm.” and then -“3) Once the press is too heavy, simply clean the dumbbell for 1 – 3 reps.”.
    If I do 3 reps clean & press and I can more, must I do more or begin just with clean?

  8. Troy, hey bruddah, crank it 1 x week for 3 weeks straight, then move away from it

    week 1 get used to the movements

    week 2 go heavier and break records

    week 3 – see if you can break records 1 last time


  9. Hector, nice bruddah, let me know how it goes bruddah!

    dumbbell training is prob. 1 of the most overlooked and underused / undervalued pieces of training equipment!

  10. Nick Rab

    each movements gets exhausted:

    so…clean and press and keep going heavier until you can no longer press…

    after that, stay heavy and just clean the dumbbell

    does that help?


  11. Yes, thank so much!
    But now I think another- how much big/heavy is the first DB for snach/clean & press? (for example like % from PM)

  12. nick, warm up and keep going heavier bro, % of dumbbell will be different for every1

  13. Hey guys, Im gonna try this workout routine ASAP, BTW Zach I like this workout routine a lot and this websites oh man it’s amazing so keep up the good work man and good luck.

  14. Wow those guys where having fun. Impressive lifting just getting at it,no vest,no posing.

  15. OK, I do like I feel it (I thing my first DB will be 50% from PM and than keep going heavier. And in 2,3 sets go to fatigue in every exercise.
    But enough talk, now is time for action! 🙂

  16. Gitau muthoni says:

    Hall coach.Nice simplified workout.i’ve got to admit though,i’m not into mass brute body build up.My kind of thing is more of lean,ripped and shreded hard muscle.i hit the road three times a week for a 22kilometer run in the mornings.i then top this up when i get back with 6 set of 50 rep pushups.Do 4set 50 rep chin ups.combine this with 2set 50rep tricep dips.i got the body i want but i want to boost this acquisition with a variety of calisthenic workouts.any advice?

  17. This workout was madness!

    I cranked it at home with some old dumbells and really felt a big pump.

    Next few days my traps arms shoulders especially were suffering!

    Definitely a workout to try and one which i will use now annd then.

  18. One other thing coach,

    What should the rest periods be between the sets of each exercise?

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