Navy SEAL Gives His Top 5 Mental Edge Tips To Live By



Tip #1

Believe in Yourself

This is the foundation of mental conditioning. If you don’t believe in yourself and have self confidence then all other techniques will not work. How do you do this? Use physical conditioning as your method and take baby steps. Work daily to make progress. This will slowly build your confidence over time. Don’t try to take on too big a task too quick as this is a recipe for disaster. With a good base you can move to the second step.

Tip #2

Focus on the Present

It is not hard to figure out that we live in chaotic times. All around us there is attention for our eyeballs with email, text, cell phones, the internet and TV. Couple that with the upheaval of the real world and tornadoes, murder, earthquakes and global warming and you have a recipe for major distraction.

So how can we stay focused? 

By only focusing on doing the next right thing. This could be getting to the gym. Paying attention in class. Pinning your opponent to the mat and scoring points. Be focus in the present and you will achieve exactly that.

Tip #3

Stay Positive

Hang around winners and you will become a winner. Lay down with dogs and you will get fleas. You are a sum of the average of your five best friends. Look around and see who you are surrounded by. If you want to move up in life you have to be around positive athletes that are go-getters. If you hang around negative losers you will not achieve your goals and be stuck in a rut.

Be aware of what you read and put in your mind. Read a good book for 5 minutes before bed. Do not watch TV – especially the evening news that is full of chaos and problems.

Tip #4

Enjoy The Battle

The gladiators and warriors of old were always eager to go into battle (playing field). You should be too. Don’t dread a hard workout or a game against a tough opponent. Look at this as a gift to make you stronger.

Look forward to going to the gym. Relax before you lock arms in your next wrestling match and smile and enjoy the battle.

Tip #5

Deep Breathing

A person who is stressed out and anxious will have short erratic breathing. A professional athlete who is conditioned will have slow controlled breathing. The mind is like a puppy dog in that it has to follow the breathing. Breathe shallow and erratic and your mind will be in chaos. Take deliberate long slow breathes and your mind will calm and you will be able to think and analyze better.


Brad McLeod is a former Navy SEAL & one of the most sought after mental conditioning coaches in the world today – having recently returned from Ireland, Southern California, Pennsylvania and parts unknown in north Florida. SEALgrinderPT audios and Ebooks have been downloaded in 20 different countries around the globe.

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7 Responses

  1. What could you recommend for increasing aerobic endurance for a police academy?

  2. Adrian "Daisy" Day says:

    ZEE whenever I need some guidance, I either turn to yourself or those in the military, especially those in the Special Forces. Their ability to think clearly when in the middle of a shitstorm is pure art.

    I have been following Brad now for a while, and man, he does speak from the heart.

    1. Yep, Brad is the man, he has it together!

  3. Jim Thompson says:

    Start following these steps Now and it will open the door to a whole new you. Thanks for this Z.

  4. Great stuff, anyone from children to the elderly could benefit from these five steps! Always an inspiration Zach!

  5. Mind, Body, & Soul! It’s easy/easier to get your body in the right place. Eventually your mind will defeat your body internally and externally. Make your thoughts your best friend, not your worst nightmare. Just like training your body, you have to train your mind. It’s a daily struggle and it is easier for some people, but as people or individuals we are ALL weak in one way or another. Just try and do your best everyday, it ain’t easy, but training like an animal sure the f*#¿ ain’t easy. Attack each day with a purpose.

    1. When the mind is right YOU become a very powerful force in any manner you choose!

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