Navy SEALs, Gymnasts, BEASTs & GREAT Friends


Here's a lil' look inside my life.

In one video you'll see me training at Trident CrossFit, a gym owned by a former Navy SEAL & a former Gymnast. The gym is 100% BadAss. What else would you expect from a Navy SEAL & a Gymnast!!??

In the next video, you'll see where I live and what I love to do with my free time with my friends, who are serious BEASTs. These guys crush me in every workout and they are GREAT friends. Moving to this area has been the BEST thing for my family and I. More fresh air, nicer people, great schools and lots of adventure activities going on everywhere!

Make sure life is good for you, there's NO reason to live any other way 🙂

I used to live in an area where everyone was "too busy".

Too busy to hang out, too busy to meet up for a mid day bike ride, too busy to grab some grub with a friend, too busy for LIFE and LIVING!

I'm a BIG believer in crafting your ultimate lifestyle. For starters, it means finding a way to do what you love, day in and day out.

My weekend in Va. was spent cranking some training, learning how to heal the body and improve my health and the health of my athletes under the expertise of Kelly Starrett, and, of course, hanging out with good friends having GOOD times.

Isn't life supposed to be GOOD!?!?!

Question For You: Is there a part of your life that you REALLY wanna change? Maybe a shitty job or maybe you live somewhere you have "outgrown"? Post comments below and let us know how you're gonna break through and break FREE!

In Strength,


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15 Responses

  1. Zach, this piece of inspiration could not have come at a better time in my life. I am taking the risk and breaking out on my own in my chosen career. I know it’s time. The only way I can achieve my life goals is to break out on my own and run my own show. People have told me I am “crazy”, that is the first thing I need to hear in order to validate my decision! You are living proof and even this old man can learn from you young lions. God Bless and all the best to you and your family. Al

  2. Z you know how badly I want to open up my own gym. I’ve found my niche in life and what I truly love doing. I’m a coach thru and thru. I get satisfaction out of assisting people in realizing their potential and surpassing it. To take a page from ur book, I’ve always wanted to live by the shore (except in Cali) and have the free time to spend with my fam and friends. As of now we don’t hang out but once or twice a month bc of busy schedules and lack of sleep. Not my ideal lifestyle at all. But, every day I read or watch something that you’ve so graciously blessed your followers with and it gives me the strength to continue to reach for my goals and I’m on my way. As we spoke about before I will keep u posted on the status of my gym and it will be coming soon. Happy holidays big bro!!

    In strength

  3. Vegan Fitness Star Noel says:

    Tired of Living in nyc, want to live in a place where the air is more clean and fresher. Less obesity, and more nature.

  4. Al – awesome news brutha, when you KNOW it’s time, it IS time!!

    Time to break through!!!

  5. Franco, I can see you cranking an amazing gym bro, no 2 ways about it, you would kick major ass. Start turning your dreams into reality my man!

  6. Noel, you know where you DON’T wanna be, now, where do you WANT to live?

    With your knowledge in nutrition and fitness, sky is the limit!

  7. I hate New York!! I’m 19, I go to school in North Carolina. I would love to buy up a nice plot of land out in the country somewhere and live off of my own labor. Raise a family and live the way I want to, not the way I’m expected to!

  8. Good Stuff! I love where I live. I love my family. But I hate working with people that just don’t care about their health, and view training as a “when I have time.”
    Once my boys are in school full time (2 more years) I am breaking out. I stay home and raise my boys while the wife works. I don’t believe in daycare, but have to use it when I go to work. Making changes this coming year to have my boys home with me all the time, and spending less time with people that just don’t care.
    When I became a personal trainer I wanted to help everyone live the love I have for training. In the past six years I have slowly come to the mindset that I am today. Athletes are the only people that think that I do. Not just football players! Triathletes, strongmen, powerlifters and the athletes of life. Those few that choose to be better than the norm and take no prisoners.
    Sure I did personal training for the richer people in my community, but I found no enjoyment in it. “This hurts! I’m tired! I have to be somewhere by this time so let’s make it fast!”
    Two years can’t come fast enough, but this time with my boys is priceless! They watch me train and live the life I preach. Without a doubt impacts their life and future. My time will come and when it does you will be the first to know!

  9. Honestly I’m writing this before even seeing the video, couldn’t wait…but that doesn’t matter, like ZEE ever did something that wasn’t cool…oh except the hair grow 🙂 uhmmm weekly buzz keeps away the fuzz :p

    What I need to mf***in do Is pay of this college semester, buy the freakin operation thunnndaaah! Study it like like a surgeon, find a place to rent, open up shop and teach people what da F**k does it mean to WORK OUT! Cos even in the underground people look at me weird cos I WORK out! How da hell does someone have time DURING a workout to look at me 45 mins?? Sh!t I went to the mirror to see if I got poop on my face :p People don’t know what this means, even most of the athletes could pick up their pace. I wanna spread the underground ANIMAL BREED!

  10. Z,
    Right on track mate. I was in the Army for 12 years. Was a good job but I hated going to work most days. Started a Exercise Science degree whilst in cos I loved sport and hoped I’d find a direction the further I got into it.
    Here I am 6 years later – degree finished, out of the Army living on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia) running my own training business, taking my kid to school every day and living 400m from the beach. Now to find a place to open up my own gym (preferably at a my own home so I can hang with my family – single Dad!) then I will be well and truly on target to hitting my dreams!
    Thanks for the constant inspiration. I believe when you are ‘actively’ looking for anything in life it will come. Just be disciplined with your search…!!!
    Enjoy your new year mate.
    Matty C
    Combat Strength & Fitness

  11. but nobody has asked the REAL question yet. Is that actually your dog?

  12. Yo Zack, thanks for the vids etc they are really great inspiration. just read your email about breaking down the weakness; I remember years ago, my cousins came to visit and I hadn’t seen them in a long time and I was in the early stages of the flu. I thought bugger it, I’m not gonna miss out. We played cricket out in the street. I ran heaps, sweated like mad and guess what? I got over the flu in a day. Yep! A day. Now, admittedly, I was a strong healthy teenager with stacks of energy, but I believe that this is the way to handle a flu BEFORE it really takes hold. Now I’m about to turn 39, and I rarely get sick. if I do, it doesn’t hit me hard or last long unlike those around me. Age is a number. Live strong, run jump climb lift throw ride hike live.

  13. Taking the first step, making the changes to my health and fitness. After that, well the sky is the limit. Looking to move back to Colorado, pursue the career I’ve always wanted, and otherwise live the GOOD life. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. G’Day Zach,

    Great post! Had some significantly negative things happen in my life in the last 6 months, and everyone has told me to leave and start afresh and make bigger bucks at a corporate gym in one of the major cities. But where i am and what i am doing now is what i want to do. Financial success hasn’t been achieved yet, but not through lack of trying. These negatives have driven me to attack harder and harder.

    And this post has just given me a major boost. Thanks heaps.

    MBT PK

  15. Consider me inspired. At 43 yrs old my life was in a rut. Everyday, the same old, same old. Someone told me that you should challenge yourself to do something different. Even the small things, like take a different route to work.
    You have given me the push over the edge I needed
    I have just set my alarm 40 mins earlier in the morning, so I can get up, get out and do some running, and military workouts in the beautiful countryside around me.

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