Old School Strength with Sandbags & Gymnastics


Wow, I was just perusing through my book shelf and stumbled across two books: one from 1888 (Yes, 1888, NOT a typo) and 1 from 1947.

1 Book on Gymnastics and the other on using sandbags, medicine balls, logs and homemade fitness equipment and obstacles.

Amazing stuff! Well, the pics are amazing, the language is foreign and unfortunately I can not read them 🙁

This "stuff" has been around for centuries.

In some countries, stone lifting is part of their culture.

And, during certain times in the USA, a long time ago, Physical Culture was more popular and fitness was held in high esteem.

Today, too many idiots think they created something or were the first to come across.

With books dating back to the 1800's, I bet they were not even the first to come up with these training tools and fitness systems.

Older doesn't necessarily mean better either. Better means Better.

Check out this old video of some sandbag training footage from back when I was filming my very first videos for http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com and some footage snuck its ways onto You Tube.

Check out an e mail from Ray Johnson, who just completed his Underground Strength Cert and see what he says about training with sandbags and kettlebells:

"Whats up JERSEY IRON?  I've read your training methodology for countless hours and I don't see a flaw in it.  I spent the last few weeks training hard with these principles of sandbags, endless multi-grip pull-ups, dead-lifts, tire flipping and your painful kettlebell workouts.  I gained 4 pounds and play with a 96 pound sandbag like its my bitch.  I'm going to send you the photo of us at the UNDERGROUND and I was hoping you would sign it and send it back.  You always addressed your great mentors like Alwyn Cosgrove and I would like to address mine.  I want to put you next to Pavel in my gym.  Thanks for the IRON.

Ray is dubbed 'The Captain of Crush" - this guy was tearing shit up at The USC Cert no doubt!

If you read his statement, you'll notice he is using a variety of tools: barbells, sandbags, kettlebells, bodyweight, etc.

Put em' all together the right way and you have a powerful combination.

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

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4 Responses

  1. Kill’n it guud on this one.. Awesome no more two way supersetting..triplicate is(the)waY to go. Old school is entirely built around authenticity(!!) Thank you for being fully genuine in this capacity. Z.

  2. That’s some POWERFUL S**T there Zach !!! Very Inspiring…..Definitely gets the blood pumping !!!!

  3. i think one of theose books are in norwegian

  4. Spot on Zach. Ancient Georgians used stone rolling and lifting to get strong. Must still do it because their rugby players are animals!

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