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I have a SERIOUS passion for all types of lifting, but, I especially LOVE throwing weights overhead, ALL types of weights.

Remember, I'm a SOUL Lifter, rules need NOT apply.

Discriminate against NOTHING that makes you stronger.

In this Video I timed myself against an array of training tools to clean and press overhead. The variety keeps you from getting bored and each overhead press is slightly different than the next.

Your mind must stay focused to handle the details of each different training tool.

The muscles must work harder as they get fatigued and require a slightly different technique from one training tool to the next.

Check the Video below and see which of these training tools you can put to use to test yourself.

There are certain lifts that are straight up a sure fire way for packing on muscle and developing Brute Strength.

Lifting weights overhead via the press, snatch, clean & press and even THROWING weights overhead will get the job done in a manner that can't be achieved using machines.

Some of the objects were lighter and some of them were heavier. The lighter weights allow you to develop speed and dial in overhead technique.

The heavier weights require more strength and toughness as they battle against your body and mind in a test of will. To get stronger, you must battle the heavier loads.

If you're a beginner I suggest you only hit one variation of the overhead lift but if you're more advanced and have spent plenty of time under the bar, go ahead, see what it's like to vary the training tools and use an overhead medley like I did in this Video.

Keep Your Shoulders Healthy

Every single workout I perform a variety of these exercises to keep my shoulders healthy. The athletes at The Underground Strength Gym do the same.

- band pull aparts (overhand & underhand)

- band dislocators

- PVC pipe dislocators

- overhead squat with PVC pipe

- overhead squat with band pulled apart overhead

- Indian club exercises

- Kettlebell windmills / Kettlebell get ups

- side planks with support arm fully extended

There are more exercises along with shoulder mobility drills and soft tissue work that is included every workout.

Strong shoulders and healthy shoulders are KEY.

Lead from the FRONT!


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18 Responses

  1. Great work out trying it today I my shop during down time . Keep bring it.

  2. Zach,

    Cool vid; single arm press on the stone was crazy! I was watching like …”oh sh*t, here we go, Zach is on a rampage!” I guess the moment just grabbed you and that’s what you felt like doing – cool!

    I do have a question though – with overhead lifting, especially heavy lifting, would you couple lower back strengthening with it? (exercises like supermans, reverse hyperextensions, hyperextensions or even deadlifts?)

    Keep up the hustle!

    Age Quod Agis “What you do; Do well!”

    – Christopher

  3. Yo Zach! Whats up? I LOVE overhead lifting & ALL the other stuff like throwing etc. etc. I’m a AVID fan of the Kettlebell lifts overhead, Espacially the SNatch! TOO BAD NowaDays overhead lifting & It’s variations sleeps with the fishes! Anwyay, My 2 questions are these: What are the names of the 2 songs you’v put in this video? The one that your training on & the other one at the end?

    Thanx in advance!

    Peace out bro!

    Comrade Matti

  4. Love the attitude, train hard or go home!!

    Trying to get me a barrel to do some of that

  5. Hey Zach, I like this “soul-lifting” concept, it really frees me up to just work and not think too much about what I’m doing. Here’s my morning session, just completed: Sandbag Squats, 120lbs, 10×5 sets; Walking Lunges holding a gravel bag 45lbs, down and up my driveway, 35 steps each way, on a hill, 3 sets; 50 pushups on my kettlebell handles; finished off with farmer walk, 35 k-bells each hand for a mile, downhill and back from my kids school. I can barely type now. Took your good advice and don’t sit or bend over to rest. Killer… keep up the good work.


  6. Hey Zach! Watch for falling objects: kegs, stones, etc. Don’t want to ruin those “fitness model” good looks! HA HA!!! Great workout.

  7. Oh Snap…always refreshing to read your emails zach!!

  8. Hi
    great workout that is why you lead from the front

    My workout on tuesday was on the foreshore,lots of rock
    lifting and throwing,finishing off with 2 – 5 min sets of rock running -walking.
    We also train hard downunder in New Zealand.


  9. Juan, nice bro, that oughtta bring in some customers when they see you outside doin this craziness!

  10. Big Chris Reed – sometimes I add deads to an OH workout, AFTER the OH work is done.

    I did 45 degree weighted back XTs after this workout

    when going overhead we end up hyperextending a bit so I always hit a hard ab workout after these days

    Gotta be healthy bruddah!

  11. Matti, hey bro, those songs are from the band Disturbed! GREAT lifting band!

  12. james, holy crap dude, the 1 mile farmer walk sounds f**ing awesome!! LOVE it, hells yea, you’re a SOUL LIFTER!!!

  13. Jon!! Man dude, I thought I was ugly, thanks for the props!!! ha ha ha

    How are you doing??

    Did you re up and get Brook’s NEW Dino Files?

    Talk soon brother,


  14. juan cerda says:

    hi zach!!great video…im phisical education teacher and strenght trainer… im try to put your ideas into my athletes work outs..also im work at the catholic university in valparaiso chile and underground training style popularity is growing!!
    thanks for the inspitarion and power you show!!!

  15. Zach,

    Thanks for the insight! Doing lower ab strengthening after an overhead day makes perfect sense especially given the extension and strain your lower back is under while pressing as you point out in your reply!

    Gonna be making a road trip down to Jersey in July Bro for the Strongman at Joe D’s! Can you hit me up on my e-mail would love to swing by the Underground and hit off a workout at the Underground with my Empire Crew – but, I know your time is money and I want to sort it all out before we come!

    “Age Quod Agis”What you do; Do Well!

    – Christopher

  16. Zack

    Love the shoulder workout. Really like the variation in tools used especially the rock. Way to crush it. Keep leading from the front!!! You are a true inspiration to the garage gym’rs and backyard animals.

  17. Plenty of new tools for the arsenal! I’m going straight home from work and going to implement some of theses.



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