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I was training with my old buddy and training partner last week and we started ranting about how much things have changed. When my buddy and I began training together on the regular, he was a teenager and I was 22.

My mind drifted to how things used to be and I'm sure we sounded like crank old men yet I am 45 and my buddy is 40. The world is changing and if you can't see it then you're lining yourself up to be in trouble.

Watch this Video as I share what needs to happen in this world.....

Below are some older videos.

I've been posting videos to YouTube since 2006.

Joe DeFranco and I did our Lost Secrets of Strength Seminar together and someone asked us about culture. I asked Joe, where are all the "Crazy Guys" we used to train?

Squatting 405 and Benching 315 was a normal day at The Underground.

When was the last time I've seen a kid Squat 405? It's been a LONG time.

To me, this is kind of SAD.

Even at Westside Barbell, it seems there are LESS "Freaks" there. Certainly, with countless gyms opening up, there is less of a "something special" out there. When you have something that was once rare and now it's common, it loses the mystique.

On the flip side, getting STRONG is not as sought after as it once was. And as I look at my athletes who struggle, it's because they are NOT obsessed with getting STRONGER.

There is work to be done.

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