Push & Pull, SON!


Yoooooo Dudes! OK, now that my blog post title sounds semi pornographic, it's time to get BUSY!

Here is part II of me gettin' CRAZY and High Reppin' after going heavy on the overheads.

I cranked 3 sets of the incline dumbell benching and recline rope rowing NON stop, making it 6 sets non stop. I was insanely pumped and the non stop action forces the upper body into a whole new territory of fatigue, lactic acid build up and mental toughness.

If you wanna get crazier with it, you can try doing everything for time rather than sets, which a lot of old school bodybuilders did in the Golden Era, back in the 70's.

So instead of 3 non stop sets of each, set the clock for 15 minutes and get max rounds of the military press for sets of 5 and pull ups with mixed grips for sets of 5.

The dumbbell benching and recline rope rowing could be cranked for 8 minutes but for higher reps, try 10 reps each set for 10 minutes on the clock. You are gonna BIG time send your body into a NEW world of muscle fiber attacking!

Wait till you see Part III, the grand finale of this workout, it was brutal and I am gonna be back with more tomorrow!

Till then, be awesome and kick some SERIOUS ass!



PS: My buddy and fellow Undergrounder, Elliott Hulse just released his killer muscle building course over at http://HybridBodybuilding.com. It's VERY impressive, worth a look!

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  1. Looking Good Zach!Keep showing us some awesome ways to take our workouts to the next level!

  2. This is AWESOME! I’m saving up to come to your certification, everything you teach/preach is what real world strength & conditioning is all about! You are truly a gift to world of elite fitness…KEEP IT UP!

  3. Killer combo Zach!

    I’m also a big fan of doing things for time. I love picking up a weight and just lifting it for a solid minute. If the weight stops or touches the ground during that minute….I lose. It’s a great game. Fun for the Whole Family!

    Also fun to set two guys next to each other and have them race. First one to 100 pushups, 50 pull ups, ect wins. It’s timed exercise where the other guy is the timer.

  4. Killer combo
    Yes definitely timed workouts are awsome and brutal but they definetly give you a challenge and spark new muscle growth

    i do them regulargly

    speacially when you are low in time and need to crank up somethin fast, this workouts definetly test how tough you are!
    ohh and the pump you get, wohh theres no other feeling like it!

    keep it up Z



  5. Nikki!!! You’re the best! Thanks 🙂 Love it when U visit!!!

  6. Luis, u know it’s all about the pump bro, ha ha!

  7. superb workout…i cant wait to get on the ropes and the bench…i’m gonna consider myself lucky if i am alive after the workout

  8. sweet workout, ropes kick the grip, love the workout and of course the title:) it;s hard 2 keep up w/ so many blog posts! lol thx zach

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