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How do you know what to do in life?

Who do you listen to? Listen to others or your gut instincts?

How do you know what direction to take & when to take it?

Should you ask others for permission or advice?

A POWERFUL lesson I've learned from The Warrior and I HAD to share it with you.....

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8 Responses

  1. Awesome Post Brotha.. Thanks for sharing

    1. Josh – thnx for watching my man!

  2. This is JUST what I needed to hear. Thanks for the words of wisdom you pass down Zach.

    1. Mark, right on, brotha, this is why I do what I do!

  3. Hey Zach

    Im 38, turning 39 this December…

    At the beginning of this year I decided to hit the local gym for the first time since leaving high school 20’ish years ago.

    Mainly because I finally started to “feel” my age (sounds like you know what I mean) and I also wanted to show my kids that anything is possible (by turning my 80kg frame into more like and 85k-90kg machine.

    I discovered the advice of Jason Ferruggia and thought, yep, hit the gym, nail it, “train” don’t “workout” and just own it!

    I heard your recent podcast with him and now I feel like I have the both of you as awesome mentors.

    I am loving rediscovering my old “younger” attitudes and am feeling awesome.

    I really appreciate the positive motivation and words of wisdom mate.

    Looking forward the the journey ahead.

    Brisbane, Australia

    1. Guy, thnx, my brotha. Yea man, sometimes ya gotta go back and hit some bodybuilding work and reclaim that muscle mass that tends to go away when you skimp on isolation work

      Isolation work is also GREAT for reativating small muscles which keep guys like us healthy!

  4. Hey Zach, I agree. Being in my 30’s I consistently think of ways to not do the same as I’ve gotten used to. More about that little window of opportunity and making a big change. Much appreciated.

  5. Zach that is some awesome perspective. Sharing perspective like that after it’s obvious you yourself have internalized that perspective makes it an even more powerful message.

    I completely agree with you. Everyone has a unique gift or signature. As the Warrior pointed out with the thumb print. We are all unique, however it’s up to us as individuals to seek out and nourish that individual creativity and growth.

    You my friend sound just like the inside of my brain everyday. Haha. I pretty much think exactly the way you just communicated that message. It is truly a miracle that we as humans share these traits.

    Zach you did an awesome job of communicating this to your readers and I know they will appreciate it. I sure did. I’m never an excuse maker, but today has literally been a challenging day for me personally and having this message affirmed like this just made my day.

    Thanks again my friend.

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