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Sometimes I worry I am alone when it comes to my expectations of the athletes I train at The Underground Strength Gym. I say things, do things and all in all, get a lil' crazy when I am IN the moment pushing them to go beyond the norms of what their competition is doing. I fear I am more motivated than they are, when deep down, maybe I just FEAR that they experience what I once experienced that short 20 years ago which still feels like yesterday.

Effort, Sweat, Blood & Tears.... EARN it. It's NOT going to be easy, BUT, these times will define WHO and WHAT you will become not just today, not just tomorrow, but years from now, decades from now...

Drenched In Sweat. Team Underground After Being Stronger, Faster & Tougher Than Yesterday

Yesterday, it was mid 90s. My friends and I gathered to go through the workout "MURPH", a brutal challenge in and of itself, add combat boots and a 25 lb ruck and things change even more so.

It was brutal for me, I had trouble breathing at times and at the age of 36 it's easy to think to yourself that you're supposed to be doing something else. Something easier. Something "normal". Those thoughts simply don't settle right with me, you dig?

Easy Living & Normal Actions NEVER Create Greatness

I'm a wrestler at heart, hard work has been engrained in me.

Going through MURPH brought me back to wrestling practice, when the body says stop yet the mind says GO. Taking one more step, punching harder, crushing my weakness, facing my fears, climbing mountains..... I see NO other way to live.

There were times during the workout when I caught myself coming up with the idea of taking off my 25 lb ruck for a few rounds of pull ups, push ups and squats to to recover, but I decided on a better plan, one I learned from here.

I created SMALL goals. Each time I told myself to do 1 more round with the ruck. Those "1 more rounds" added up quickly.

My friend, Uncle Pauly, kept reminding me to ask myself the BIG question: "WHY?"

I know WHY?, do you? Go ahead, ask yourself the BIG Question: "WHY?"

Embracing the Grind doesn't mean it sucks, it simply means you thrive on working HARD, conquering ALL that dares to stand in your way.Yes, there are times where the grind WILL catch up with you, I've been there before plenty of times. You will find a way to overcome. Catch some rest and rebound, coming back stronger, faster and tougher.... stronger than yesterday.

I NEVER feel comfortable in that air conditioned gym with easy listening tunes. When I was in Va last weekend, the gym owners kept apologizing for the heat. I don't feel right till my shirt is drenched in sweat.... till my hands get dirty.....

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to remove myself from embracing the grind and taking it easy.Somehow, someway, I feel like I've been shaped into this type of MAN for life. Kinda like the movie, The Bourne Supremacy, where Bourne keeps running away trying to escape WHO he is, but he IS who he has been trained to be.

I may not be the fastest or the strongest, but I Will NEVER quit.

Above, a GREAT shirt, gifted to me by a friend, get one for yourself and LIVE The Code

Round 2....

Open Your eyes.

Listen to the words in this video...

Watch the video...


Ask yourself "WHY?"....

Prepare to take MASSIVE F***ING ACTION!!!!!

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12 Responses

  1. Dustin W. says:

    It is easier sitting than standing. Going with the flow than against it. Excepting your fate than making your way.
    There are a hundred reasons to “NOT To”, but only one reason to “DO”. It is like belief in God. You can’t describe it to someone that doesn’t believe because they don’t feel the same way. It is like myself tearing up everytime I hear our National Anthem. Until you realize what it takes to have freedom you will never feel free.
    It takes blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes more tears. But you have to push on. Miss a goal. Keep going. Falling short. Keep going.
    Through falling short or missing your expectations can you learn to appreciate the reward when you finally get it.
    I can’t put it into words “What it Takes.” I guess the closest thing is push yourself until you feel deaths hand on your shoulder-turn and laugh-and keep fighting.
    Keep up the good work Zach!

    1. We ALL need a mission in life, that is what it comes down to! When you know WHY, you will do the work EASILY!

  2. Joe Parker says:

    I was always told never quit! As an Apache we’re taught you never quit get tough not just physically but mentally, because if they can break you mentally, your physical strength means nothing. Love the attitude you have created. Keep doing what your doing.

    1. Joe, thank you my brutha!

  3. I am emberassed to say that this is my first time commenting. All the great info you have provided, Zach, about training, technical, safety, injury prevention etc. Yet, as I just finished my 2nd listen to this, I think I am more impacted by this little audio/video. I just turned 45, and I think I may listen to this about 10 more times tonight. DAMN, now I can’t ignore the fact I haven’t been pushing myself !!! Thanks, I needed that. I appreciate all you do, Zach

    1. Mike V – BIG respect for the first comment and huge thnx for stopping by, I am glad you love the blog! It’s ONLY gonna get better!

  4. Hey Undergrounders, hey Zach,
    still enjoying a clean vaca-life at the Adriatic Sea. Life is really basic here and it just tastes good. Tons of fish and homegrown veggies with wild living lambs and the life outdoors really kick in. Energy level just skyrockets – what a difference. I’ve brought my small kettlebell and my rings with me and I’m kicking it every morning. Besides that life evolves around the sea – a lot of swimming and diving and playing around at the beach.

    My newest passion? Rugby played in ankle-deep water! All you X-Fitters out there – forget about your daily WODs. Try 10min of this kind of Rugby with 3 other dudes, 2 of them trying to really bring the heat to you. I tell you – this will kill just about any WOD. The nervous tension before clashing with your opponent brings a special spin to this. And above it all – its a ton of fun! Bloody noses and some bruises included, ….
    hahahaha, …

    So – yes, embrace the grind. But don’t forget the fun. Use your body to the max & enjoy life.

    1. SVEN

      FUN…. ahhhhh, how soon we forget. I LOVE the grind. The grind is FUN

      PLAYing is critical, yes, sir!

  5. I immediately related to the first paragraph. I care so freakin’ much about their success and want each and everyone of them to attain their dreams and goals. Yet sadly, and frustratingly so, it seems I want them to reach their goals more than they want to.

    They will make excuses for missing training sessions. They will talk about how they are too busy to train, then proceed to talk about how they are spending the time they could be training going to the amusement park or hanging with their friends.

    My message to them is simple. ‘You need to reassess your priorities. If your main goals are to hang out with your friends and have budding social life, so be, just don’t be crying about getting cut from your high school team.

    Being successful is NEVER easy, yet a lot of them will decide that the easy path is the one for them.

    1. Kyle – sometimes the lesson learned won’t be immediate, they might learn it later down the road and NOT thru athletics

  6. I have a very meaningful competition early this morning. I will be leaving for it soon. I am so glad I found this before I left. I want to win so badly, but I know in the end it is down to me and giving it my all, never giving up. I will be giving my best and thinking about this.

    You are an inspiration Zach. Peace.

  7. Hey Zach,

    Thanks for this video. I know I certainly haven’t lived up to my potential in life. But, this video seems to have really resonated with me, especially when just listening to it. I can honestly say, I will be listening to this, eyes closed, every morning, from now on, as my way of setting the tone for my day.

    Thanks again for posting it bud.


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