Short On Time Workouts


Sometimes, time just ain't on your side.

You have two choices when this happens:

1) Skip your workout and come back the next time.

More often than not, your excuse will NOT be valid, it will only validate the fact that you're an excuse maker and did NOT act on opportunity when opportunity presented itself to you. You contribute to the pussification of Man kind here and it's suggested you avoid this at ALL costs.

2) Lock down your workout and attack with only 1 or 2 exercises.

Remember, simply doing ONE exercise is 100% more than doing NOTHING.

I ALWAYS prefer # 2. Get something done. Let me explain.....

If I skip a workout when I KNOW I coulda cranked something... ANYTHING.... for 10, 15 or even 20 minutes, I can NOT go to sleep happy with myself....

I can NOT look myself in the mirror and KNOW I am reppin' Underground Strength Nation, reppin' for my family and reppin' for Aspiring Strong MEN.

I came across a few OLD School videos of me after reading a collection of OLD School Dr. Ken articles. Inside these videos I give you a glimpse inside these amazing magazine articles.

I locked down 2 heavy exercises and went to town on them.

If heavy isn't your gig then go head to head, toe to toe with 2 bodyweight exercises.



The combo can be push / pull or upper / lower exercises.

In between sets attack the foam roller.

Train hard, Train Heavy, Eat Big and Rage Against The Weakening of Man Kind!

This article is short and sweet, just like these workouts.

If you are a busy man or perhaps need to cut back and volume to spur on new growth, check out THIS program, your body will quickly learn to respect just how powerful a workout can be regardless of how short it is or how few exercises you use.

Check out The Underground Inner Circle where we feature countless time crunched workouts, training tips and support from myself and the rest of Underground Strength Nation. You can't go wrong when I got your back, 24-7!

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  1. I’ve just started a 3x/week routine that is as quick and effective as possible. I based it on some of Dan John’s ideas.

    Day 1: Deadlift / Bench Press
    Day 2: Front Squat / Pull-ups
    Day 3: Bench Press / Accessory (depending on time)

    Dan John’s rec was for 2x/week doing just DL/BP and Squat/BP.

    I took a new job, with an hour long commute, so I need to cram as much as I can in during lunch time at a gym around the block from my office. The gym caters primarily to women, so it’s small and during lunchtime the weight area is completely empty. Allows me to get in, workout, and clean up fast (<1 hour).

    1. @Luke: Dude, Dan John is legit!! I saw this WO he prescribed, it WORKS!

      On your own feel free to sneak in push ups, pull ups, abs, sprints and stretching often.

      The commute sucks, I’m w/ya on that one! ha ha

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