STRONG Cast 15: Joe DeSena, Spartan Race Founder & The Spartan Lifestyle



In this episode of The STRONG Life, aka STRONGCast, I interview The Founder of The Spartan Race & The Death Race, Joe DeSena.

This is an amazing story, from his early years growing up in Queens, then living "the perfect life" in NYC while working on Wall Street and giving it ALL up to move to Vermont and start living a Spartan Lifestyle.

In this episode of The STRONG Life we talk about.....

- Who influenced Joe to live like a Spartan?

- How did The Spartan Race get created?

- Why move to Vermont and give up living life in NYC making a boat load of money?

- How does Joe eat for a strong mind, body and Life?

- What does a day in the life of Joe DeSena look like?

- What does Joe's daily exercise routine look like?

- How can YOU start living The Spartan Lifestyle?

- What are the obstacles Joe faces daily running a global company and how does he keep coming back, kicking ass and taking names, day after day?

There are MANY more lessons to be learned in this episode of The STRONG Life.

Check it out below:

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

The Spartan Race

The Death Race

Spartan UP! The Book


Upcoming Experiences!

STRONG. The Seminar.

The Underground Strength Coach Certification

3 Responses


    So glad someone else thinks the way I do and I know others agree!

    My Lion ended up being pretty close:

    Up in MTNS when attending SAR training I did 500 burpees in row every morning! Then another 500 in day.

    Zach knows me as burpee guy…

    One of the reasons I live in a one bedroom hut on the indian river in FL, with no amenities not already plugged in when I got here.

    I am sharing this and coming back to answer some of those post ?s but right now I am going to go do some burpees and tame that LION!

    Great Strongcast, I need to keep with this to get back to remembering when it was worse…

    1. Brandon sounds like your long lost twin.

      I always tell you to train according to your goals and mindset….

      If you love the conditioning then attack it.

      You need strength and that can be acquired with basics!

  2. Thanks again for the Awesome newsletters and keeping it honest!

    Can you elaborate on your new dedication to training for the Spartan?
    I am psyched for yah!

    And are you doing a Sprint, or the BEAST level, I would love to come do one with you brother, but I am also looking into doing the Death Race!

    Moreover, if you ever can address how to adapt when one has a commitment that requires late hours. I often get called to do rescues that go way beyond the midnight hours and never can get into what I want to do ( get to bed before 11pm and get up before dawn)

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks brother

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