STRONG Family: Blood Is Thicker Than Water. Friends Come & Go.




This video was shared with me by my friend and Underground Strength Coach, Grant Cranston.

This video came at a GREAT time as I am removing a LOT from my life and ALL geared towards more time with my family. Whether you're a family man / women or not, this is a MUST listen to.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

I highly recommend you go back and listen to my Minimalist Lifestyle HERE.

I talk about removing more in your life, so you have less of the unnecessary, which in turn, leads to more of the most important things in life: more time with family, less stress, greater health, more fun....

Unfortunately, the truth of the video is also in the beginning: "friends come & go....".

I've mentioned before how your friends will prefer twitter & facebook yet they can't respond to a text message or pick up the phone.

They will chase the money and the business stuff over the friendship.

Family is # 1.

You can easily say this, but the only way to live it is to DO it.


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