STRONG Life Weekend Learning List – July 11, 2014


My Motto Is Simple: "Once You Stop Learning, You Stop Living"
My Motto Is Simple: "Once You Stop Learning, You Stop Living"

The image above sums up what the weekend learning list is all about, along with my own quote. I am always learning and every week I am reading a new book, receiving coaching from another expert, ALWAYS implementing (that is THE key) and experimenting to see what works and what doesn't work.

Before we kick off this weekend's learning list, I MUST emphasize a GREAT lesson I've learned, especially in the past 2 years but in general, throughout my entire life.

Sometimes, these lessons take a LONG time to learn.

Do NOT let the negative people hurt you or bring you down.

LEARN from them and take responsibility for letting the wrong people into your life and then move onward and upward.

You will make mistakes, we all do, it's part of life.

On the flip side, NEVER stoop down to the level of those who hurt you, cheat you, etc.

Onward and Upward is the BEST way.

Let's crush this weekend learning list. You will love this one....

In this episode of The STRONG Life Weekend Learning List I cover:

- What awesome books am I currently reading on life, health & fitness that I highly recommend?

- What podcasts am I listening to that keep me improving in mind, body & spirit?

- Why is Mobility at the top of my list and why it should be on top of your list too.

- What mistake did one "entrepreneur" make when inviting me to see her products?

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

Please drop your comments / questions below.

I would love to hear what books and learning recommendations you can share.


Mobility WOD

Yoga Tune Up

Thrive The Book

Beyond Training Book

10 Ways to Grow Tiny Super Humans

Till the next time...

Onward & Upward!


5 Responses

  1. Z, as a younger man I was back-stabbed by so-called friends a number of times. I’m older & wiser now and rarely get deceived . I spend my time with the people who matter most to me. Those were the ones who stuck by my side when everything was falling apart, those are true friends.

    1. Frank, TRUTH right there, brotha. I am always learning and a BIG learning lesson is to let it go and be FREE.

      Hellz yea, brotha.

      Even those who supposedly care about you sometimes try to hold you back, but, I refuse to let anyone stop me

  2. Zach,

    How is the Treat While You Train DVD? Can’t find any reviews or news about it and the description on Yoga Tune-Up is a little vague.

    1. Hey, Alvin I will share a video review within the next week, brotha!

      1. Thanks brother, appreciate it!

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