STRONGCast 18: The Spartan Experience w/Joe DeSena & Spartan Lifestyle


Hanging with Joe DeSena & Barbell Shrugged while Touring The Natural Farms on Joe's Property.
Hanging with Joe DeSena & Barbell Shrugged while Touring The Natural Farms on Joe's Property.


Wake up at 3:30 AM.

Get your ass kicked before the sun rises starting at 5 AM.

Eat some AWESOME, Natural food all day long.

Work, Play, Work, Eat.

What else happened during my 24 hrs up in Pittsfield, Vt with Joe DeSena, founder of The Spartan Race and The Barbell Shrugged Crew?

Well, what happens in Pittsfield, VT.....

At the top of the mountain, where Death Race challenges are held, holding up a 70 lb Spartan Helmet!
At the top of the mountain, where Death Race challenges are held, holding up a 70 lb Spartan Helmet!

Enjoy this episode of The STRONG Life, aka STRONGCast.

This was one of the favorite and most inspirational experiences of my LIFE.

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14 Responses

  1. Awesome! Haven’t been here for quite some time. Just getting shit done. Now I came back to this site to see this Joe DeSena featured in two podcasts.
    Reminds me so much of my own Spartan coach Anthony Bova. Same attitude, practically the same knowledge and a way that just clicks certain switches in myself.
    Thnx, Zach – must have been an awesome experience out there.

    1. Sven thank you , my man. With your knowledge of other things, why not create a second “job” or start a business to earn more income to have a heated house, food, etc?

  2. Here is a little story:
    This winter our family was really struggling. We had barely enough to buy food, couldn’t afford to pay for heating. I got used to shower & clean myself at <5°C (40°F), the water being ice cold. Having a cold shower is ok if the house, bathroom are warm – but when your cleaning soap actually freezes in the kitchen, showering with cold water becomes a whole different affair.
    After months of this I had my first hot shower in a dressing room after a game of ice hockey. Some geeks were pulling a prank on us and were throwing buckets of cold water into the shower. While everybody else was screaming and doing everything to avoid the water I didn't mind. Not that I embraced it – but I just didn't care. It struck me much later that something had indeed changed. I just didn't give a warm fu.k about it. Even had to smile at the twitching naked bodies trying to avoid a splash of good ol cold water. Human bodies and minds can get used to just about any environment. How else would've this weak animal called humans survived the last 500.000yrs? If you turn this around this comprises that we are capable of much, much more than we think we can endure. And that our starting point to a fulfilled life in our western society isn't that bad either.

    1. As almost always – the best and truly satisfying things in life are free.

      Beyond proud of my oldest son puting in the “rockwork” on a chilling sunday morning:

      We were up and running before the sun hit the valley and walking on our way home before the usual pack even showed up.

  3. Great podcast Zach! Love the guests you have on, but I also really enjoy the solo-casts as well.

    Glad to hear VT treated ya well!

    1. Matt, of course, I thought of YOU! You would love this spot and what Joe has going on. When you were in Vt, were you here ever?

  4. Mike Guardiola says:

    The Cure for Pain is in the Pain – Rumi

    Joe’s place reminds me of my Grandparent’s place in Martindale, TX.. We ate fresh corn, eggs, pork and goat meat. We were always pulling and pushing heavy stuff and going down to the river to move heavy stones and swim against the current. We ate fish we caught and did a ton of bike riding. There were five of us cousins and we had no fat and never broke any bones and pretty damn strong too. I believe wholeheartedly in the basics and am currently teaching my 3 year old about respect for the river and the basics. Keeping it basic, Peace, Mike G.

    1. Mike, wow! That sounds AMAZING! That way of living sounds amazing, especially as a kid! Much respect, brotha!

      1. Mike Guardiola says:

        Thanks Zach, Much respect back at ya!

  5. Great motivating video post Zach. A great philosophy that you mentioned : Never quit, never give up.

    1. That’s right, death before dishonor!

      1. mike guardiola says:

        “Nothing great ever happens when you hold back” – unknown, but now my mantra

  6. Zach that’s awesome! Those early mornings working outdoors and getting in a full day are what it’s all about. I know you guys were in Vermont, but that’s how we do it in the South! Haha.

    Joking aside, Joe sounds like an awesome dude and I know you guys had a full day. Sounds like an awesome experience. I know we all get caught up in the “rat race” but it’s about changing your perspective as you and Joe reference here. Great video Zach. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Brandon, Joe is an amazing down to earth guy who is also a humble bad ass

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