The BEST Workout


Is it about free weights vs strongman lifting / odd object training?

Or is it bodyweight vs kettlebells?

Which one is the end all, be all, A # 1, Numero Uno, BEST Workout?


Are they ALL flawed, NONE of them actually perfect when left alone, yet better when we......

- When you approach the bar for a deadlift, set your back, keep it tight, grip it and rip it.

- When you set your back for a sandbag clean & press, set your back, keep it tight, grip it and rip it....

- When you set your back for the power snatch, set your back, keep it tight, grip it and rip it.......

- When you do your push ups, squeeze the floor with your fingers, tighten & brace your abs, use your legs, tuck the elbows...

- When you set up for the bench press, squeeze the bar, tuck your elbows, press your legs into the ground....

Should you use one lifting style over the other? Which style gives the BEST workout?

Or, should you stop discriminating?

Maybe..... You Should you STOP trying to be a scientist and start being a F**ing LIFTER??!!

FACT: EVERY workout is flawed.

Deal with it.... Get over it... STOP reading so much and start training MORE.

When we train athletes & adults at The Underground Strength Gym, we blend the many training methods and tools together. That's how The Underground originated in the early part of 2002 or so. We would lift stones, barbells, dumbbells, flipped tractor tires at the tire yard, hit playground workouts....

We did it BEFORE it was a popular fad. Back when we did it, 99% of "functional training" required you to train on one leg, on a balance disc using a $10,000 "functional trainer" cable apparatus.

I am NOT a fad follower, I do what WORKS. period.

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

The quick lifts and kettlebells develop athleticism.

The bodyweight exercises & gymnastics training develops stability, strength, power and body kinesthetics.

The powerlifts develop BRUTE STRENGTH.

The odd objects develop brute strength, power and equally of importance, mental toughness.

Learning one style of training carries over to the others, blending them together requires an open mind and a willingness to learn along with a desire to become the best YOU can become.

The blending of these styles of training teaches You to understand how to set your back, you understand how to align your knees, keep your abs tight, tuck your elbows in....

You can cry till your blue in the face searching for the perfect reason why, the perfect workout and the perfect set - rep schemes.... let me know when you find it... while you're searching for the holy grail of workouts and awaiting for the moons to align, Underground Strength Nation will be getting STRONGER, TOUGHER and HEALTHIER.

Stronger Than Yesterday!


PS: Always remember these words, from a poem that rested directly in front of our eyes on the squat rack at Diamond Gym.... I question, WHO are YOU?

"There are those that do

and those that don't

Those that will

and those that won't."

Many TALK About Training Like a "BEAST", Far & Few Actually DO It!

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14 Responses

  1. Do it hard, and do it like you mean it. Come on ‘ wit it every time. That’s it.

  2. Kevin Salisbury says:

    “It’s like a fight”, absolutely!! These young warriors get it and are a truely inspiring sight to see…

  3. you need to re-write the nike slogan and put your name behind it..”Just Fucking Do It”….

  4. Troy Patton says:

    Great. Fucking. Post!!! This is definitely print worthy!!!

  5. Rich Clench says:

    Sometimes the best workout is the one you actually do!!!

  6. Do what’s in front of you – just DO it! And do it all. Don’t be narrow minded to one workout – the small mind always loses. What’s all that meat good for if you can’t move it?

    Workout of the day:
    A year ago I couldn’t do a single 5m-ropeclimb. Today I PRd with 7 in a row. Yippie!
    After that it was back to sandbag-work. God knows I hate that thing by now.

    That little poem is one of my favorites. It crosses over to life in general. Love that.
    SVEN, Italy

    1. Sven! That’s HUGE my brutha! Keep cranking!

  7. Mike Guardiola says:

    I tell this to people who give me excuses about working out.

    “Take your excuses with you to the gym or for a run and pretty soon they’ll stop hanging out with you”.

    It’s raining here in San Marcos, TX. today. Fun Muddy workout tonight! Again no perfect formula, but trudging through a muddy field with a sandbag builds both physical and mental strength.

    Stay Strong UG’s

  8. Dustin W. says:

    I like that comment, “Every workout is flawed.” Continous adaptation to the moment. One time you may do five sets of five reps and the next time you push it hard and only get three. Big deal as long as you progress.
    The only bad routine is one that doesn’t make you stronger.
    Honestly until I started reading your stuff I was not a fan of bodyweight exercises. I figured since I had a full gym at home why bother. Until I tried doing a pull up and realized how hard it was to complete.
    Equipment gone except the basic rack and a lot of steel. Bodyweight exercises on off weight days. Heal the body quicker that way.
    Great stuff Z!

    1. Yea bro, legit!!!!

      I do that often as well!

  9. Dustin M. says:

    Right to the fkin’ Point, Zach.

    Too many people are now looking for the perfect program. It’s ridiculous. Damn near anything will work if its done in a progressive manner. Stick to the basics, people. The basics Zach mentioned above—get after it. Get it done.

    People have to stop thinking its all about the program or the supplement and realize that REAL results come from within. You bust your ass off day in and day out, eat good, treat your body right—You will get results, period. Consisteny, momemtum, and your inner drive will take your further than any damn program. The question is, do you have it in you to man the f**k up and get it done?

    Good post Zach. Keep kicking some ass, man.


  10. Parker W. says:

    A Little knowledge and the eye of the tiger will take you a long ways.

  11. awesome words! Just go and work out hard! Sometimes I used to worry about seeming rude at the gym because I don’t much like a lot of the guys do. At this point, I don’t care! I’m there to get it done!

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