The DE Evolution of Man




The DE Evolution of Man is going in a bad direction, and that's putting things lightly. Worst of all, it's moving TOO fast in that downward slope.

We gotta step up and change things and it starts with YOU.

There are men today in their 20s and 30s with Testosterone levels of men in their 60s.

The stress of life nowadays, the constant sitting in front of a computer, the lack of intensity and passion for exercise, too many carbs, not enough healthy fats and proteins...

They are ALL contributing factors towards the DE Evolution of Men.

Here are 5 Quick Tips with More To Come:

- Eat whole eggs, NOT egg whites alone

- Eat steak 3 x week

- Squat & Deadlift Heavy

- Squat for High Reps (Old School, these don't get too much popularity nowadays, but they are tough!)

- Stand More, Sit Less (When Working, get a standing desk or put something on your desk for your computer to sit on)

Here is where I wanna see the MOST important stuff to tie it ALL in:

 Be Better than Yesterday....

STRONGER Than Yesterday.

That is where the Honesty part of Live The Code comes in.

Honesty with Your SELF.

When you are honest with yourself things fall into place.

You become honest with others. If you're not being your best then start with at least one action listed above.

Post a comment on myFacebook Fan Page when you attack one of those action steps and let me know what you did to fight against the DE Evolution of Man.

You have the opportunity to kick ass and take names, so make it happen by DOING the necessary things.

Live The Code




Work Ethic


Project X - NOT For Most


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  1. It’s so true man. I actually got the second DE evolution photo as my cover photo on facebook. And the old school lifts are so underrated these days!

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