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Time for some action.

Time to do it your way, finally, not anyone else's way.

Seriously. Stop doing what you see everyone else doing. Stop copying the concentration curls, the lat pull downs, the smith machine presses....everything performed seated of course.

Every workout does NOT have to be the perfect balance of push / pull, or upper / lower body work.

Who ever said that everything must be in total harmony and balance is full of it. Ask the guys in the pen about balance and instead they'll tell you about benching, curling and doing sit ups every single day. They're also stronger than the majority of gym goers I have ever run into!

Breaking the rules is what leads to success very often in performance. Notice I didn't say all the time, absolutes are impossible to come by.

I'm talking human performance and business performance. Not the type of legal rules that can put you in jail so stop making excuses before we even get you to break ONE rule.

STOP training like a pussy, plain and simple.

It's time to rebel, to break the rules and to train like a Gladiator.

This is how Underground training was birthed....

I got sick of the fancy gym bull shit and the pretty exercises that didn't make me feel like a Gladiator.

I didn't move like a Gladiator that's for damn sure.

Last night our athletes were tearing up the parking lot with tires, sleds, prowlers, strongman implements and more Underground tools.

I watched them train and kept laughing to myself how much I wished that I knew how to train like this back I was competing.

The athletes laughed as well, because they are benefiting from my mistakes, and that's great, this is why I do what I do.

I don't listen to what so called experts say one should do for results unless I know they're in the trenches doing it, in the real world, not just the keyboard world.

I recollected what some freaks did at the old school YMCA when I was a kid and they were some of the most rugged looking Gladiators I have ever witnessed.

Breaking the rules....This means sometimes you should squat for an entire workout until you can no longer stand up. This means sometimes you should perform tire flips until you cna no longer grip your hands under the tire. Maybe it means dragging a sled around the park until you can barely drag your own bodyweight.

What other rules can you break? I am sure you can come up with plenty more.

The results will be like nothing you have ever experienced and you will love it!

In Strength,

Zach Even - Esh

P.S. - Not sure how to break the rules? Then check this out.

2 Responses

  1. Z, I needed to hear this today! Your da best!

  2. your articles are the best they make me want to train hard as hell on my worst days, thanks for the motivation

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