Training Tips for When You’re Short on Time but NOT Short on Excuses


If you would have told me 20 years ago that in my 40s I'd be busier than ever, I'd say NO WAY!

The fact of the matter is, I AM busier than ever and if you're an adult with a family, then you likely are in the same shoes. I run 2 gyms, train 100-200 athletes every day and most importantly, have 2 kids.

I find a way to get my training in so it does not interfere with family time. I train early in the morning or right after taking kids to school. Sometimes, I have 20 minutes. It reminds me of the days when my daughter was first born, I would sneak down to my garage and train while she napped.

I found a way because I KNEW that "normal" people were making excuses.

Often times I choose only 2 or 3 exercises to perform in superset fashion. I get warmed up and then BOOM, DO THE DAMN THING.

The key is choosing a time that is with ZERO distractions.

I choose the morning. My phone is on airplane mode AND do not disturb mode.

Then it's working time. MY time.

You need a ritual. Whether it's the morning, lunch time, immediately after work or late at night, whatever it is, LOCK IT DOWN.

Until the next time.


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