To Be the Best, Walk the Talk


Wanna be an Unbeatable Man...or Woman?

You MUST have the Eye of The Tiger.

In your mind, "Impossible is Nothing"

In the last video and Blog Post, I spoke about mind set and winning at everything you do.

I spoke about becoming Unbeatable.

Check out these 2 Videos and Read On....

I have noticed many people have much to say yet do NOT follow their words.

Action, every day, day in and day out must be aggressively taken.

Combine your aggressive action with an "impossible, unbeatbale" mindset and you will WIN.

You see Blair Wrestlers tearing it up above at my Underground Strength Gym. This was their first time at my gym and they attacked, attacked and attacked some more!

You gotta walk the talk baby!



PS: Some recommended resources for our training and mind power are listed below. You ultimately decide the path to take and which actions you need to achieve your Personal Best!

Training Methods:     


Mind Power: The Unbeatable Man

Mentorship with Me:   

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13 Responses

  1. wrestlertrainer says:

    Awesome video man! That video is where I see myself heading. Zach, you are an inspiration to all of us on how to get strong and how to help others get strong! How did you get in contact with Blair Academy? How close are they to the underground? Is that turning into a regular workout now? Blair at the underground?

  2. great video zach!

    those wrestlers are lookin scary! i love using sandbags, they kick your butt! i also realized that i should pack some weight into my sand bags to really get some strength as i see those smaller kids struggling with heavier bags.
    thanks zach!

  3. Those kids are badass! Notice the lacking of talking, the lack b.sing…all hustle all the time. Awesome.

  4. I tell you, if you can’t get motivated to train by watching them … your in the wrong business. With how serious your kids were/are, I’m sure there’s not just futeure badasses in that group but future leaders that won’t take no BULL **** from any1! Good looking out on giving back to the kids coach!

  5. these kids are tough soldiers
    their faces were fircefullly focused on attacking the bags or waheever you put them trough
    these kids are bad asses
    its no surprise how these kids didnt give up tearing it up, they are all have the tough mentality

    these kids just pumped me up, im heading out and attacking the bodyweight!



  6. Lewis they are 1 hour away, I head to Blair 1 x month and do e mail w/Coach Buxton to train the wrestlers.

    It all started with a simple e mail.

    Coach Buxton is super receptive to training the wrestlers, someone at his level, in fact, majority of coaches NOT at his level success still turn down the offerings for help.

    His goal is to make his wrestling team better, and so he was very open minded to us talking and he read my underground strength system and loved it.

    1/f of the Blair Wrestling team will be hitting The Underground tomorrow.

    Some Coaches you can pay them and they still won’t want any help (and that’s even if they don’t win)

    This is HUGE proof that Coach Buxton cares BIG time about his athletes.

    He’s an awesome wrestling coach, no doubt about it!


  7. Clayton

    yea man, regardless of how much ea. kid weighed they had to lift all the bags

    we had 50, 75, 100 and 135 lb bags

    if they were unable to clean and press it, then shouldered it

    gotta move the weights bruddah!

  8. Dustin, yo bro, I can’t even tell you how awesome these kids are! UN-REAL how motivated and driven they are!

  9. Njama you’re right, these kids will not only be successful on the mat, but successful n the future in whatever endeavor they choose to take on!

  10. Great stuff Z.. Blair has OWNED the tradition of being a wrestling power house. This past year a little division 2 school from OHIO got the best of them. I have a feeling with this type of training, they’ll be back on top this year. It’s nice to know a coach like J. Buxton is open to having his boys use different training methods.

    Keepin it real bro !


  11. WOW! i want those kids on my team. kickin some ASS!
    they look like they could kick most of our asses.

  12. Awesome Bro! You’re building warriors for the next generation. I love how they are fight’n through the pain together and motivating each other.

    I’m in the process of building my own warehouse gym and this is the exact experience I want my clients to have. I want them to kick ass every time, motivate each other and have a great time doing it.

    I’m keeping this video in my favorites for inspiration.

    I’ll be attending the Feb. 2010 RKC cert., but after that, my sites are set on becoming an Underground Certified Strength Coach.

    Thanks for constantly pumping me up.

  13. Very nice video.
    How old are those kids?

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