Turning Pro, Regardless of WHO You Are & What You Do


Why do I send e mails every morning?

Because only writing e mails when I feel like it is the sign of an amateur.

Yesterday while doing a Instagram Live I was asked how and why I am still so fired up and motivated, even after almost 30 years of training.

My answer was nothing flashy, so here it is.....

I despise the feeling I get when I make excuses for myself. I despise skipping or avoiding work of any sort because I am tired or don't feel good.

So what! Nobody cares if I am tired. The PRO shows up and does the WORK even more so on his toughest days. It's easy to do the work when you feel good and everything is convenient.

It REALLY counts when the chips are down and you feel beat up. THAT is when I THRIVE, when things are NOT in my favor.

The PRO does the work every day. I have NO time to be weak or average.

It bothers me to accept mediocrity or good enough on my own part. I LOVE the challenge of finding a way vs finding an excuse.

Dig into this Video and I hope you can start applying The Turning Pro model to your own life, regardless of your age, where you live, etc.

Turning Pro is for EVERYONE.

You need More FIRE & FUEL for your brain.

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This Book is F**ING AWESOME. It's a Mindset. Change your mind & Change Your Life. Period.

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  1. Rose Rosete says:

    Your blogs and videos are a swift kick in the rear and provide inspiration to be tough, refrain from whining, and do the work no matter what. Thank you for your work. Keep writing everyday!

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