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Sometimes I get to train at home, other times I get to train before my athletes roll in, other times I get to train at the end of the night AFTER a long day of working.

NO excuses, get it done and don't call it a day till you crank a workout in some form. #Commitment

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If you ever find your motivation wading or you need a swift kick in the ass then watch this video. You'll quickly be reminded that a quick Underground Style workout is nowhere near as tough as what goes on in this video.

[youtube width="640" height="380"][/youtube]

By the way, I recently saw the movie, 'Act of Valor'. HOLY S**T that movie was AWESOME. A MUST watch for all of Underground Strength Nation.

Check the movie trailer below:

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  1. Loved the seal vid, those guys are tough, almost as tough as the SAS 😛

  2. Hey bro!

    I hear you on this! I’m one busy man (thanks in part to you!) and it’s a struggle sometimes to get a full workout in when I’m busy training and running the biz all day. All it takes is one unexpected thing to pop up and things get tight, quick!

    There’s always something that can be done, though.

    I get up early and hit the gym 15 minutes before I have to be there every day so I can do 10-15 minutes of mobility work. It starts my day right and no matter what, I know I got it in.

    Between clients I’m always picking up a KB or DB and doing a quick set of something, or knocking out a sub-max set of pull-ups, etc.

    That way if a workout gets derailed then I know I’ve accumulated some work over the course of the day and if I’m forced to squeeze one in before I go home I can just hit 1-2 big moves and be done.

    It’s not ideal, but sometimes that’s how things work when you’re in charge. No matter what, I’ve got to get my training in, though!


    1. @Isaac Wilkins: hells yea, bro, chunk those workouts down, LOTS of GTG

      Then on the weekend or when time allows, you crush yourself with a solid WO!

  3. Dustin W. says:

    “Being unconquerable lies with yourself”, “Thus it is said that one who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes be victorious, sometimes meet with defeat. One who knows neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement.”-Sun Tzu-The Art of War.
    That was written 2,500 years ago! I am sure those Navy Seals know the 13 strategies, and Underground Nation should too. Great stuff!

  4. Hey do guns still work when they go underwater?

  5. Sometimes it’s the hardest thing after the end of the day to suck it all up and put even more energy into a workout! Great post Z. One of my favorite things to do when my motivation or energy level is low is crank out a workout that I have never done before. Sometimes its more of a mental thing when your not feeling a lift. Committing to a 45 minute all body weight workout (compared to your typical weighted workout) can leave you feeling pumped and full of energy. Doing movements you have never done before can easily change your attitude about your workout.

    1. @William: agreed, brutha. I love something NEW, yet basic.

      It’s impt to have a “Go To” workout when time is tough!

      A few favs of mine are below:

      – 135 lb clean and press (Dan John inspired) x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

      – 5 rounds of pull ups / dips / squat jumps OR swings

      I pick one and attack!

  6. Zach,

    To combat the struggles of my own time to workout outside of helping train my clients through my military style bootcamps, I put a Weider adustable bench, set of kettlebells, some 35lb dumbbells, 2- 45lb Crystal Spring Water bottles, and a Gold’s Gym Wrist Curl exerciser in my living room. If the old lady says anything I tell her it’s my corner and too bad so sady, lol. I can do all sorts of crazy shit with just that equipment from curls, flys, presses, rows, to clean & presses to lunges and squats, all without overdoing it on my old joints.

    Seriously, it makes for a awesome way to do a living room workout in your own home, takes up little space, and in between using the bench, I can do all my military bodyweight exercises from multiple style of pushups, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, etc… and the shiznit only takes a few minutes at a time and I can still stay addicted to my Jersey Shore even living on the west coast….HOOAH !!!

    As far as the SEAL movie and what they do, I have mixed emotions. I was in Afghanistan before retiring from the Army and worked with various three-digit agencies (CIA,FBI,NSA,DEA,DIA, etc..) and even Army Delta, Special Forces, and Navy Seals through Intelligence Operations. We all had a JOB to do and that is how I saw the shit, a JOB, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t jump on the band wagon like the media because we popped Bid Laden’s ass, and then every SEAL, because of the media’s way of spinning stuff, interviews every swinging joe, then this movie. It’s a little too much bro.

    My feeling on this, SEALS, like Special Forces, like Army DELTA or SEAL Team 6, don’t need to be advertised. They are silent professionals and like it that way. They don’t need notierity. That is why CIA operatives are also unheard of and when they get KIA (Kiled in Action), they are never a name, but just a STAR on their Wall of Honor.

    Most operatives, and even myself who spent time in the Intelligence community, signed a document SF 312, Non-Disclosure Agreement and when we get debriefed after missions, same thing. A lot of guys who are going public that are former SEALS, Operatives, Intel, etc… know this and have to be very careful what they say and divulge to the civilian sector. Some are not following this unfortunately.

    That’s why I don’t believe in all the hype or shit in the media, movies, or what guys are saying…just keep your mouth shut, do your job, and drive on with your life. Nobody needs to know, especially the civilian community what we do or what we did. I wish I felt differently, but many of my former operatives and fellow comrades feel the same way.

    I love your videos bro and your words of motivation and workouts, but I had to at least speak my mind on this issue of all the SEAL hype…awesome warriors, but I wish all the shit wasn’t made public or glamourized….WAR is hard shit and it is what it is and we deal with it.

    Take care and HOOAH!!!



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