Underground Strength Coach from Austria


My friend and fellow Underground Strength Coach, Dominik Feischl, sent me this video after I sent him a rare video of training from Europe which was filmed in the early 70's.

He was inspired to say the least, so he put his training on video to share with you below...

Dominik is on our Panel of Experts at http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com

Feel free to ask him questions on the forum, this guy has some amazing knowledge that the world needs to learn about!

Kill it!


3 Responses

  1. Nice. Guy’s a beast. Crazy box jump after pullups.

  2. Damn man this video is really making me miss the training I used to do when I lived in Germany. Their gymnasiums were sick and over there training was not viewed as a “luxury expense” that had to be cut from schools. I had a buddy growing up Eugene and his family had just moved to America from Russia and his dad built a gym in the basement from random hardware parts. If anyone has the original “Secrets of Soviet Sports Fitness and Training” look on page 31…his dad built this from scratch. The school gyms overseas are insane but they get taxed like 30% of yearly income. I say tax away…yet spend wisely. If more Americans had access to public fitness facilities health care expenses would automatically go down. But then again people need to get of their butts and work. But let me not get too political before Zach makes me lift anvils and stuff…

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