Underground Strength Conference Ideas?


Undergrounders - I have the dates set for The FIRST ever Underground Strength Conference, BUT.... I need help picking topics and the format of learning. Please check this video and drop a comment! HUGE thanks!!

Remember, this will be in a hotel, NOT the gym, but, SOME equipment CAN be brought up.

You tell me... what would YOU like to learn and HOW do you want to learn?

Drop your comment, I need your help BIG time on this one!



PS: Discounts will be given to Certified Underground Strength Coaches as well as Underground Inner Circle Members.

PPS: Austin USC Cert is just shy of being at capacity, if you're anywhere near Tx, get your ass over HERE!

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  1. Would love to learn more about systamization: like training a large group of HS athletes or general pop pricing all that good stuff.

    1. NICE, Christian, thnx, bro!!

  2. Zach,

    I would love to hear some of your best ways to become seen as the expert in your area through public speaking, newspaper articles, etc.

    Also I would be interested in hearing things that you do to build value for the athletes in your gym.



    1. Kyle – awesome questions, thnx, brutha!!!

    2. Zack,

      Can you go to the conferance for one of the
      2 days. I take my son to church on Sundays.
      Family first!


  3. 1 – From Navy Seal – Mindset, Cardio conditioning

    2 – How to create a warehouse gym that is big size wise and can cover MMA, Wrestling/Jiu Jitsu as well as strength and conditioning – in my case I want to mix it with my brand and a small store in the front. Frankie Edgar has one in NJ – something similar but with my own vision

    3 – Most important – how to train and write training programs for individual marttial arts disciplines. Questions like in season and lifting while training. How to train an MMA/Wrestler. BJJ/Muay Thai and other types

    4 – How to get a big warehouse to use for that bug gym I mentioned. Then the training knowledgde for the individual atheltes. Also can I start an MMA team in an enviroment like this; some people are training there indivudaual martial arts or strength, others are on the pro fight team. Is there room for self defense and special training for police and military? How do I integrate it

    Sorry if those are strange questions. Its what Im thinking of and I need to know how much is doable and what it would take. I need to get the cert first though otherwise the rest is useless. Looking forward to hearing more. Awesome as always

    1. NO such thing as “strange questions” – I need to hear these things, bro!!!

  4. 1) The Navy seal mindset is a good one. We often forget about mindset and set goals based off our experiences or what we were told is possible versus what we really want. (How to create an elite team mindset/brotherhood with your coaches and athletes)

    2) Periodization for dummies. Scientific Methods with Real World Results. Even Einstein said keep it simple

    3) What paperwork or pamphlets would be necessary if you wanted to approach a school/coach about doing a strength or speed clinic with their athletes

    4) Real Estate facility shopping for meatheads “How To find the right start up location and maximize your profits” (weapons on MASS construction..quality equipment of a shoestring budget. people often feel that machines sell the facility)

    5) optimum nutrition tips or methods that the on the run teen or college athlete living in the dorm can follow for performance and results (my buddies in the army had a steamer for veggies and chicken breast and a george foreman grill)

    6) Conditioning vs. Strength (should you focus on one more than the other and can you achieve great results in conditioning without sacrificing too much strength)

    7) The in the trenches heartaches and daily struggles (a lot of people talk about the end of the rainbow but no one really talk about the storm and turbulence that made that rainbow)

    8) Professionalism aka dealing with parents, other coaches, sports organizations

    9) Best ways to prevent entrepreneur ADD/schizophrenia (how to stay focused on what your business and athletes need versus what “the industry” says you need…this can go from marketing to nutrition and training knowledge)

    I hope this helps great teacher

    1. Nii, wow, awesome, brutha!

  5. I would love a huge section on nutrition. Most high school athletes want to put on lean muscle mass and get BIGGER. Would love to know what others are telling their athletes to eat, when they tell them to eat and how much they’re are recommending being eaten. One thing I have always struggled with is putting on weight, so I need to know how you guys prescribe nutrition so that I can be a reliable source to my athletes.

  6. As far as presenters go I would like to hear from yourself, Martin Rooney, Louie Simmons, Dan John, and Paul Wade.

    1. Yo bro, I won’t be getting those guys to speak 🙁 Sorry

  7. Yo Zach!
    You are a legend! Currently on a mission to save some cash and go to one of your certs. It’s tough to have extra cash when you are in college. I would travel half way across the globe if I had to just to invest in your knowledge. Soon! You have taught me to be proactive and not be sitting around and waiting for luck to happen. Fuck that! Go out and make your own “luck” is my motto!

  8. This sounds SICK! A combination of biz, life(mindset) and training would be awesome. A separate hands on day at the Underground isn’t a bad idea for the unconventional stuff, but minimalist training at the hotel and partner training would work as well for the practical stuff!

    1. ohhhhh, GREAT ideas, homie!!!! Bodyweight and minimalist work at Hotel!

  9. Zach, I would be Psyched to learn how you deal with muscle imbalances and how to correct them. Plus how to get the maximum use out of bodyweight training in regards to the imbalances. When is the right time to transition an athlete from bodyweight training to weights, kettlebells etc., how to incorperate power type exercises into a young athletes programming. I have more but limited on time right now have to get back to work. Thanks!

    1. Marc, f**in shaweeeeeet stuff, brutha!

  10. I would love to get some notes from that, throw them (or a video/audio) on the member paige for us outside the U.S. And Marc said all I wanted to say about content.

    1. My focus will be on cranking a kick ass seminar, so anything that takes away my focus will not happen, soooo….. I won’t be recording, ha ha

      I am focusing on getting 50 peeps in the door and giving them a kik ass time!

  11. Hey Z Man,

    Off topic can you recommend or do you know of a place that is like a DEPOT or warehouse for used fitness equipment that has been liquidated from gyms that have gone out of business etc in NJ. I could swear that their is one out in NJ.


    Christian Oropeza

  12. Hey Zach,

    Agree with business stuff, lifestyle design, etc. How to be more efficient regarding getting the little stuff done without sucking the life out of you. Know what I mean?


  13. Zach, I’m a guy that found a drive for strength and health somewhat later in life. I’m not a strength coach but I’m very interested in both the conference and your coaching seminars! If I get to go to the conference I would love to see your keys to motivating your athletes and your coaches. The video I saw last week about inspiring the coaches and driving home how they need to conduct themselves with their athletes gave me a great business idea. I get frustrated watching the trainers at these gyms ive gone to over the last couple years, i want to shake the head of the guy who Pays him to chat and be his best buddy. I’d love to learn how to coach a coach basically. Beyond that how to market yourself properly… And who and how to approach professional trainers about making them better.

  14. Zach,

    Anything training, nutrition, lifestyle or just badass is fine with me.


  15. Hi Zach,

    unfortunately I can’t make it over from Ireland for it, however maybe some of these topics may be of help to my fellow undergrounders in attendance.

    1) Seal mindset sounds kick ass and a real insight into elite mindset and toughness

    2) Systemising your business – what systems do you have in place that means anyone can come in on staff to your underground gym and do things EXACTLY how you want to. I’m pretty sure you could deliver a kick ass speech on your gym and systems Zach.

    3) Marketing – client attraction and retention

    4) Running a gym – equipment buying (where to buy from, what do most successful gyms really need, what is on your wanted list of equipment), training for groups, finding the right space for the right price, continuing education, keeping staff happy etc etc….

    5) Taking your biz online – whether it is with online coaching, ebooks, membership sites how to go about making it work… Can only learn this from you Zach my brutha!

    Hope these help… it’s what I would wanna hear if I was there dude. Any chance you gonna film it and sell to those who can’t make over?

    1. silly me dude just seeing the above post about not recording… bummer 🙁

  16. I would like to see,
    -Training Obese people
    – Training injured clients
    -Groups of women(
    -Sport specific training Ex(Programming For football players, basketball, wrestlers-main things to focus on with these groups/individuals)
    -Pricing your clients
    – Know when to deload or motivate your clients
    – What training to focus on for in season and out of season atheletes.(speed strength, maintenance)
    – Training young athletes, 8th grade and lower

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