Upper Body Workout for Breakfast


On most Sunday Mornings I wake up before the entire house starts moving.

I get dressed, brush teeth and head to The Underground.

Sunday morning workouts keep me ahead of the pack, keep my edge and allow me to train and do something extra while the rest of the world is still sleeping.

The Military Press is a GREAT way to start your day, especially on a Sunday morning.

Locking heavy weights overhead forces your entire body to work overtime.

Want REAL "core strength"? Lock heavy weights overhead and you'll feel your entire body working like a madman (or madwoman 🙂 to stabilize.

This is why you see so many olympic lifters with ripped, thickly developed abs and powerful looking erectors that are as thick as tree trunks.

You've seen me take weights from the ground to overhead before Here & Here, but sometimes you can just get under the bar, dumbbell or kettlebells - or any training tool, and just keep locking that bad boy overhead.

The next time you think of sleeping in I suggest you push your mind a lil further, wake up early and throw some heavy shit overhead!


And remember..... Lead from the Front!


PS: The Man of Steel Challenge is coming soon! A program you can use anywhere, even at your globo gym! Prepare for the most ass kicking workout system of 2010!

11 Responses

  1. Did I sleep through Saturday again?

  2. …and a few seated military presses for desert 🙂

  3. For me it’s the opposite. Last night I did 10 sets of DB shoulder press @ midnight. Combined it with rotating bar pull-ups, box step-ups and a sandbag clean finisher. I love to workout when I know everybody is either sleeping or partying. They’re getting weaker while I’m getting stronger.

  4. Repetition presses are like nothing else to expose upper body weakness. I’ve seen guys able to BP 250-300 who can’t strict press 135 more than 1-2 reps. Nice stuff Zach. I’ll be with you tomorrow rocking out KB presses with the 70#ers.

    Also you guys should try wall handstands for time. Try lasting more than 1min for 2-3 sets. That’s gonna tighten up and injury-proof your shoulder girdle like nothing else. It’s brutal, but awesome! I see cannonball delts in my future….

  5. Morning Zach. Saw this, went down to the garage, grabbed the barbell and decided it was too cold to grip–hell, it’s 55 degrees here in San Diego. Went back to bed…..

    OK, like my wife says, I’m not that funny. Seriously though, I saw your clip this morning, and went out and got busy. Deadlifts and strict military presses like you did, six sets each, heavy for me, 20 minutes. Then out back for six sets of pullups and chins. Feels like I accomplished something. I just wanted to tell you how much you freaking inspire me on a daily basis. I know there’s lots of hardcore guys working it out there, and watching your site too. I’m not by nature a hardcore guy, spent more time with the books than in the gym or the fields. Gonna turn 50 this year, got a great family, work 60-90 hour weeks at the hospital as a doctor. Life has been good, but I have worked hard for it. Not the physical stuff like you and the other guys do. But you inspire me to get stronger, to make this a priority. I hate having any weaknesses, more than I can even say here. And it IS hard to get up and do this stuff everyday… I speak for the non-hardcore guys out here, where this is NOT our life. I write down some of the stuff you say, and tape it up on my bathroom mirror. It makes me do things I don’t always want to do. But I won’t be a puss, and I won’t complain. Because of you. You are a role model to no end for me. So although I know this IS what you do, and you’re never gonna stop–just saying, if you ever feel like taking off one day, or if you feel like you’re half-assing it…just know, that there’s one guy out here who needs what you do. I look for you in the inbox every day. You fire me up. You are my coach way across the country. And I need it. Don’t ever stop, man.

  6. Dr. james, I’m honored brother, I don’t ever plan on stoppin to stick w/me, bruddah!

  7. Rudy, you’re the man, and hells yea, I love handstand work!

  8. “Upper Body Workout for Breakfast”? I know this is figurative, but let me just check – you don’t do this on an empty stomach right! I can never train early in the morning because I love my big breakfasts, and need that to settle down first

  9. Overhead pressing is an amazing lift. I’ve almost reached my bodyweight for a strict overhead press (weighing around 189-190 lbs now), push pressed 195 x 3 a few weeks ago. Nothing can compare to lifting something heavy over your head!!

    Great pic of Dimas, that guy is a FREAK.

    Great stuff, Coach.

    John Cortese

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