Who Just Won the Underground Strength Coach Certification!?!?


I have been posting to this Blog for well over a year now.

There are a few names I recognize from the comments, and there is 1 who is ALWAYS joining in on the conversation, asking questions, dropping comments, showing his genuine interest and passion to learn and succeed.

So, while driving home earlier today, I decided I want to reward this person as best as possible....

with a FREE Underground Strength Coach Certification (Valued at $1,500)

Perhaps, once again, we can call this "Pay it Forward"

Never heard me talk about "Pay it Forward"? Watch below....

I have mentioned this before, I will always Pay it Forward, somehow, someway.

In the past, I held an essay contest offering a scholar award to attend The USC Certification for free.

I got pretty f**ing pissed off, when, after announcing the 2 recipients, 1 of the guys who did not get accepted complained and e mailed me stating that he too should have composed a sob story about how he lost his job and his family is in jeopardy.

Ironically, or maybe NOT so ironic, he complained when he was enoucraged to become a member of http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com (a measly $12.95 / month), to invest in his education and to contribute.

I guess some people can't help it, they're just assholes plain and simple.


I am not holding any contest this time around, not have I ever alluded to what I am doing now.

In a nut shell, I hate assholes 🙂

So rather than hold a contest and deal with assholes and complainers, I decided to do whatever I wanted to do to avoid the noise of complainers, whiners and cry babies..... oh, and assholes 🙂 

bruce lee kickSo, without further adue, let me announce the man I think has been REALLY Kicking Ass like Bruce Lee and contributing to the Blog and shows true, genuine, hardcore passion to succeed.

His name?

Christopher Reed.

Chris, anytime you wanna come to the Dirty Jerzee and kick ass for a full weekend of training, business, life lessons and plain ol' kick ass times, you're invited.

Feel free to bring 2 guests with you 🙂

You can Pay it Forward by helping out 3 people yourself.

And the 2 guests your bring, of course, they must also Pay it Forward, helping 3 more people.

Our Underground Strength Coach Certification dates are linked HERE - Choose the one you like or await until further dates 🙂

Let the Pay it Forward cycle begin....again 🙂

Peace Bruddahs!


PS: Comments or questions? Drop em' below, and of course, the 1 and only rule, NO Assholes 🙂

13 Responses

  1. Z,

    You are the man plain and simple! Christopher Reed’s comments are always inspirational and selfless! The dude deserves it!

  2. Zach way to stick it to the assholes! Complainers don’t truly understand the concept of underground training.

  3. Awesome! Congratulations to Christopher Reed.

    Chris, based on what Zach mentioned above it sounds like I may be in a similar situation as you. I lost my job on July 30 and my wife and I are definitely in a financial bind right now. But I am making plans to attend Zach’s certification course September 19-20 so I can get my own fitness business started as soon as I get back!

    I already have my LLC approved along with my Tax ID number. I’m just waiting on my paperwork to arrive along with my business licenses and permits. I’m setting up my business bank account today, and I am converting my garage into my training facility.

    I’m moving full steam ahead because this is my passion and what I’ve always dreamed of. God gave me this opportunity to move forward with that dream and use it to witness to others and glorify Him through the talents and abilities He has given me.

    I hope to see you at the certification in a couple weeks bro!

  4. Z,
    You are always going above and beyond and stepping it up. I love it, its always telling me to step up and improve more and more everyday.

  5. Chris Dwelle says:

    Zach, again you prove that selflessness and proper attitude win out. This is a temendous gift where you are offering a future career and from what it sounds like… one heck of a cert!

    Hope to see you at a future cert date. Congrats Chris!

  6. Coach Z!

    Are you f#cking kidding me! This is just the sickest sh*t ever! The words thank-you just don’t seem to be enough! There are tonnes of other brad’dahs on here that rock wicked posts and comments and I enjoy reading them all!

    I am never at a loss for inspiration or motivation when reading these postings. You, Coach Z, have fostered an incredible culture where the only pussies hanging around your gym are the alley cats that keep the big ass Jersey rats at bay! (no disrespect to the Jersey boys in the house, I just wanted to call out the pussies.)

    Here it is a Saturday, I had an amazing close out to my summer Kettleboxing Bootcamp season last night with a camo-party, then a kickass morning session workout with my Bootcamp crew and now this!

    This month has been off the f#ckin hook! You can bet your a$$ I will pay foward this opportunity 10 fold! Coach I want to thank you; this helps me to realize my goal of being the first USC in not only Toronto but Canada! I am stoked!

    My sincerest thanks to Jamie Sulc, it means a lot to know that my thoughts serve to inspire at least one person; that is what keeps me posting! If I can inspire just one person to keep fighting for their dream then I have done my job in paying foward. To Nate – hang in there brother it sounds like it is only a matter of time before things get better for you and with Coach on your side that journey will be even shorter! To the rest of the crew online here at the USC – you all f#ckin rep the sh*t out of your respective area codes!

    Continue to rip sh*t up; pay it forward and release the BEAST!

    Age Quod Agis


  7. REEDY!!!

    Dude CONGRATULATIONS APE… That truly Kicks Ass and Coach Z… you surely are the man

    Workin my mojo to py it forward bruddah…

    You Rock


  8. Jason Pegg says:

    Zach, thats pretty cool to do. Congrats to Christopher! Also, i am totally stealing the asshole picture and posting it in my log at EFS! ill give you credit though.

  9. JP thnx bro! yea, that image rocks 🙂 ha ha

    Chris is a awesome coach who has a die hard passion 2 kick ass in the business, I am psyched to see him!

    I will see you at a future EFS Underground Gathering fo sho!


  10. zero_trooper says:

    Pay it forward! – all the way!

    Inspirational generosity

  11. “Being an Ass Hole is all part of my manly essence” then Being a Bitch is just part of my Feminine quality – keep crushin it Zach-

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