STRONG Life Podcast Bonus: How Wrestlers REALLY Need to Strength Train


In this BONUS episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I talk ALL things wrestling strength & conditioning with Dalton Bullard, from 

This was a powerful conversation on ALL things wrestling strength training / wrestling performance.

The wrestlers who are optimally blending their strength & performance training with wrestling are the same wrestlers who are dominating.

The wrestlers & wrestling coaches who refuse to go ALL in on getting STRONG AF end up losing to the better prepared wrestler 9 times out of 10.

As of this writing our wrestlers from The Underground Strength Gym are in the county and conference tournament. They are ALL winning? Why? Because they put in year Round WORK and it never stops. In Season is sometimes 1 x week strength training for 30 minutes but we're dialed in with exactly what they need to make that ONE training session count.

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Listen to this Bonus episode of The STRONG Life Podcast below:

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Here's just a few videos of our wrestlers in training. Many, Many more are inside The Underground Strength Academy and on my YouTube.

2012 Training:

Lehigh Wrestling 2014:

3 Bodyweight Exercises ALL Wrestlers Should be Doing:

2016 Pre Season Wrestling Strength & Conditioning:

Inside The Underground Strength Coach Cert is The Underground Strength System for Combat Athletes

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