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STRONG Life 29: Minimalist Lifestyle & Kicking MORE Ass In LIFE


Maybe it’s my age but then again, age means nothing without experience.

When you’re experienced in whatever area you want to fill in the blank, you are “older”.

You’ve “been there, done that”.

That’s what this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast is about: Achieving MORE with LESS.

I give details on personal experience, business stories and life stories that are proof that there is a method behind a Minimalist Lifestyle.

But, let me preface this…..

Minimalist does NOT mean lazy.

Minimalist is about……

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I will leave you with this quote and would love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

“Start by admitting that greatness doesn’t come from the distraction and busywork that often fills up our lives.

It comes from making a difference in the world.”

– Leo Babauta –

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Thank YOU!

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2 Responses to STRONG Life 29: Minimalist Lifestyle & Kicking MORE Ass In LIFE

  1. TJ Hoffpauir says:

    I agree with that statement to the core. Once I found the writings of Leo and read the books Essentialism, Rework, and the Power of Less, I began to see a shift in how I viewed the world and my work. I realized I worked hard, but not smart. I realized I didn’t know what was important to me. I realized that while I thought I was planning my day, it did not represent what I deemed to be important. I was saying one thing and living another. The more I remove the more I focus. The more I focus the better I execute. It has been a life changer for me. My family life has benefited the most from it, and that is all the evidence I need to know it works. Love podcasts like this!

    • Zach says:

      TJ – awesome for you, my bro. The benefits to the family, your health and overall success are proof and many more around the world as well.

      Keep crushing it, Minimalist style!

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