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Is DAILY Bodyweight Training Effective & Safe For Muscle & Strength Gains?


This started all the way back in 1989.

Every time I passed a pull up bar or anything I could grab on to over head, I banged out pull ups.

This became a daily practice.

Same for push ups. Push Ups for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guess what happened?

Not only did I get stronger at pull ups and push ups. I was soon banging out more reps than anyone else I knew in these 2 bodyweight exercises. By the time I was 15 I was doing 20 pull ups in a row, easily.

But, as the years passed I eventually hit a wall and started feeling beat up.

My lats became extremely tight, my posture got messed up, I had shoulder pain and more nagging issues that interfered with my performance..

I didn’t think bodyweight training could beat me or anyone else up.

Just like anything, you can always have too much of a good thing.

There is a specific way to use bodyweight training if you want to avoid beating yourself up.

Let me explain it here in this video so you can avoid the same painful mistakes I’ve made:

YouTube Preview Image

If you decide to use bodyweight training every day, break it up by using various exercises as well as varying the intensity levels.

Practice or GTG works best here.

Here’s a sample week of daily bodyweight training, using this template and perform 2 – 3 short practice sets / sessions each day. Intensity is NOT the key here, just perfect practice.

Monday: Handstand Holds Variations

Tuesday: Pistol Squat Variations

Wednesday: Ring Training: Skin the Cats, Front Lever Variations

Thursday: Hollow Rocks

Friday: Pull Ups

Saturday: Ring Training: Push & Pull Bodyweight Exercises

Got questions / comments, drop em’ below! I love hearing from you and helping.

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8 Responses to Is DAILY Bodyweight Training Effective & Safe For Muscle & Strength Gains?

  1. Hey Zach you are right on target my friend. I have frequently adopted an undulating 2 to 1 ratio with the type of bodyweight training that I implement.

    For example, if I’m focusing on implementing push ups 3 days a week I may focus on endurance for 2 of those days and more high tension strength on the third day (2 to 1 endurance to strength).

    Of course this ratio can be flipped to apply the other way as well with 2 days of high tension strength and one day of endurance. If we’re talking about doing bodyweight 6 days a week then I would do 4 days of one and 2 of the other. The point is to try and focus on the variation.

    The model may look like endurance/strength/endurance. Excellent post my friend and it’s cool you mentioned Brad as well. Brad has been a good friend and colleague to me as also. Small world. Thanks again for the share Zach!

  2. Kevin Salisbury says:

    Great topic, thank you for covering this. It makes sense, just as in lifting weights and doing similar lifts the same would apply with bodyweight exercise. I will definitely be making some adjustments.

  3. Andrew says:

    Right on, Zach ! Valuable lessons learned !

  4. Michael Cornacchione says:

    Thanks was looking for a good forearm workout. 58 years old .Never to old to learn.

  5. brandon says:

    Great video-to the point and right on

    I was wondering does the structure change when incorporating weights into the picture (BB/Sandbag/KB’s)

  6. Rodrigo says:

    Thanks Zach! Never thought about splitting them up almost like a powerlifting routine

  7. Yes, Zach is right. recovery and eating right plays a very important role in keeping up doing physical exercise daily.

  8. Paul says:

    Found out lots of tips on right nutrition and keeping shape in this year’s Arnold Classic. Third year in a row they are showcasing physique men contests. These guys are supposedly not enhancing their physical capacities by artificial testosterone injections. Regarding overall show attendance. I think there were a bit less people than last year. Almost forgot. There was a huge military styled island booth w/ prop bullets and have naked chicks that I took photos with. Had to wait in line for this. I also looked at the BCAA formula that they were selling. In addition to Glutamine their formula contained a lot of vitamins. Once I took it I felt how the formula flowed through my body and muscles. Awesomely impressive experience.

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