A Day In My Life: Productivity Hacking, Controlling Your Time & Health Tips


I’m always asked what a day in my life looks like.

Well, during the school year, things are one way, during the summer, things are a completely different way, ha ha.

Both are AWESOME, Both are NEVER perfect but I’ll be sharing lessons that I hope you can apply to your own life as well as avoiding mistakes that I made not long ago.

The reading of this blog post will take you 4 minutes.

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Since it’s summer time, let me break down a summer day…..

Anything but typical…

I tend to wake up around 6 AM, often times by 5 or 5:30 AM.

Here and again, my dog lets me sleep till 7 AM but that is a RARE gift, ha ha.

I like to wake up at least 1 hour before the rest of the house makes a sound. Preferably 90 minutes earlier. A 5:30 wake up gives me a solid 90 minutes of a silent house more often than not.

This hour of power is actually where I get a LOT of work done. I drink at least 2 glasses of water to start my day and then get the coffee rolling.

The coffee I drink depends on the day. If my wife is heading to work in the morning she will run to Starbucks and I’ll grind some form of “Non Starbucks” brand coffee.

While the coffee is grinding I’ll feed the dogs and get my Doberman outside to take care of her morning business.

Almost always, I begin my day with some form of writing and I list the different writings I do below:

5 – 6 AM – I write my newsletter for you. If you haven’t subscribed yet, do so HERE.

6 AM – I write in my “Life Journal”. I used to never believe in my own life journal but when I began chatting with The Ultimate Warrior, he would tell me how his morning always began with writing, reading and coffee.

I recently did some coaching with a life / health coach and he told me to spend my first 10 minutes of my day writing in a journal and writing all on gratitude.

Yes, it sounds very “woo woo” but those who do this and begin their day with optimism, calmness, good vibes and good energy tend to be the same people who live a more fulfilled life with less stress and more balance.

7 AM – As the rest of the house wakes up and slowly gets going I slice up some fruit for them and make them a small fruit bowl. About 45 minutes later I start crushing a strong breakfast. Sometimes it’s bacon and eggs, sometimes eggs with butter and toast, sometimes pancakes with extra eggs mixed in.

8 AM – After we eat breakfast together I take my dog to the park and get her running around for a solid 30 minutes. During this time I’m either enjoying some quiet time in nature or sometimes I listen to an educational podcast.

9 AM – 12 PM – This is a flexible time. Some days I work on the internet from 9 AM until Noon, other days we just get the day going and get outside. This might be riding our bikes to the park to play Tennis, sometimes the kids play outside with other kids, sometimes we go fishing….

If I worked during this time, then I stop around lunch most days and spend the next few hours with my kids before I open The Underground Strength Gym at 4 PM.

12 – 3 PM – If I worked in the AM, then we’ll hit the beach for 2 or 3 hours and get into the water for any of these water activities: surfing, body surfing or body boarding. This is the first year my kids are now in the water the entire time. It’s AWESOME.

Sometimes I get to the gym between 9 AM and 3 PM. Sometimes I go mountain biking if my wife is home and with the kids, other times I hit a backyard Kettlebell & Bodyweight training session.

I make sure my dog gets another run between 2 and 3 PM before I head off to The Underground.

4 – 8 PM – This is the time I train athletes at either location of The Underground Strength Gym. If there is a quiet session I might jump in and do a 2nd workout. If not, I usually hit a 15 – 20 minute heavy circuit before heading home for my late night dinner.

This increases my body’s ability to utilize nutrients late at night for recovery and muscle building vs fat storage.

Here and again, I take a week night off from the gym. If it’s a special family day I DEFINITELY take the day off. The Coaches at The Underground are ALL top notch and having a results proven training and business system helps all systems run smoothly when I am not around.

Once I get home I have my late dinner and help put the kids to bed. Afterwards I just chill out with my wife and I almost always read a few pages of a book at night.

My afternoon through the late evening is often my busy time and my morning and day time are my more flexible times where I spend time with my family.

Next year BOTH of my kids will be in school full time so I will remove at least 1 night from each gym to make sure I spend time with my family.

Until now, I’ve always had 12:30 PM and on with my son and all day with my wife. Family is crucial to me as I’ve mentioned so often before.

Because of this, I am dialing in some BIG things with the online biz that will benefit you much more than ever before.

The Underground will still build Bad MoFos who dominate. I refuse to let it run any other way. My days are always packed busy. I am a family man and run multiple business operations, that’s the way it goes!

Got questions or comments? Leave them below.

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  1. Gabri says

    Hi Zach!

    I love the way you organize your day, prioritize time for the family and don’t waste any minute.

    At what time do you usually go to sleep? How much time do you sleep normally? I am sure you could sleep much more if you wanted to, and that it takes effort and determination to wake up early every day, but how many hours of sleep do you think you need to recover and rest, and to feel healthy?

    Thank you for the info Zach, I love your Stroncasts!

    • Zach says

      Hi Gabri thanks for loving the STRONG Life :)

      I go to bed more often than not NO later than 11 pm.

      On weekend, sometimes I get to bed before 10 PM because we are SO active all day long, I am exhausted by the end of the day.

      I get around 7 hours of sleep every night, sometimes a little more, here and there a little less.

      I take my sleep very seriously and am learning more and more about the details that can help and / or hurt my body.

  2. says

    Excellent Excellent Post Zach!

    Love your structure and flexibility. I keep a solid daily routine and have flexible time as well, but I LOVE the journal writing daily and will add to my routine to be more grateful and enjoy my blessings!

    Keep what you are doing, a true inspiration!

    Fire up!


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