Underground Strength Workout Feb. 18, 2013

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Take your training outdoors.

Find an empty school parking lot when school is closed or go behind a strip plaza for some wide open space with no foot or car traffic.

Use 1 or 2 Kettlebells for this Underground Strength Workout and perform the strict clean and press, not a push press.

1A) Clean and Press 10 x 5 reps

1B) Car Push 10 x 100 Ft

Rest as needed between sets and perform the appropriate warm up that you need to get your entire body ready from your feet to your neck.

When pressing the Kettlebells overhead squeeze your legs, glutes, abs and grip.

When pushing your car keep your arms locked and your abs tight.

After the workout perform the mobility work you need.

NOTE: If you don’t have a foam roller, jump stretch bands and LAX balls at your house for mobility and soft tissue work, get them HERE and start performing mobility work at least once a day at home. This is imperative for your success. Without your health you have nothing.

Post your comments below and even better, get video footage of your training session!

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  1. Nick M says

    This looks major painful! Recently got turned on to Coach John Davies and his Renegade Training For Football, he has the underground mentality for sure.

  2. Dillon says

    Pushing/pulling a sled is all well and good. But something just feels so badass when pushing a car for a workout.

    Good stuff man love it

  3. Dustin W. says

    The roads are covered with a thin layer of ice under snow so I loaded the poor man’s sled(old metal wheel barrel basin). Geared out to 100# (20# chain, 50# sand bag, 20# Tow pack, and roughly 10-15# basin. Pulled it one mile through some trails. Loaded 20# of dog food and pulled it back on the road almost 1.5 miles. Trail had my ankles screaming and not in a good way! The road was icy and drifted but flat with some spots of dry road which made the 120# pull really fun!
    I had a lady ask if I needed a ride and I told her I was warming up for my workout. Should have seen her face! Priceless!
    Good Stuff BiGZ!

  4. says

    I will probably have to wait a couple more months here to try this outside. The place I am living now just happens to be unusually hot and humid (southern hemisphere, so just existing summer now ; although it can even get to 100 at the tail of winter!)

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